B2B CRM&SRM Portal Solutions for SAP Users

Technology has brought the business sector to a completely different point. Businesses have been making technology investments in their digital transformation journey for years. Digital transformation is not just about purchasing software and hardware. Businesses can only achieve successful digital transformation if they make IT investments for their business goals and needs.

Today, rather than the reasons for digital transformation, "what should be prioritized in this journey?" has become a more valid question. Processes, people and technology, which are the unchanging triad of digital transformation, need to be carried out in parallel with each other.

Digital Transformation for SAP Users

SAP offers SAP ERP, one of the most comprehensive and popular ERP software in the world. SAP has provided various updates and solutions for its users to adapt to the changing technology trends day by day. Adopting the approach of “Smart businesses are integrated businesses.”, SAP offers its business partners advanced technologies specific to their sectors, with which they can manage the process end-to-end in order to achieve their goals.

Digital Customer & Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier and customer management processes are some of the most critical processes of businesses. Especially in sectors where competition is extremely high, a strong supplier/customer relationship means a strong enterprise. For this reason, businesses must abandon their traditional and manual methods in customer and supplier management processes and perform a digital transformation.

Involving the suppliers and customers in digital transformation processes gives companies an advantage. In this way, it is possible to monitor end-to-end processes in product design, production, planning, logistics operation, and after-sales support, make decisions together and benefit from the decision.

JetSRM Supplier Portal

JetSRM Supplier Portal is a supplier relationship management solution where businesses can manage all their business processes with their suppliers end-to-end. Suppliers and businesses can carry out their business processes related to each other through the portal without the need for telephone, mail or fax.

The portal, designed in accordance with the corporate identity of the enterprises, works integrated with SAP. Thus, all transactions realized through the portal are automatically transferred to the SAP ERP system of the enterprises.

JetCRM Customer Portal

JetCRM Customer Portal is a SAP-integrated solution that enables businesses to perform their B2B customer processes on a single platform. The company’s customers can track their credit status, invoices, current discounts, product and order information and all other necessary information. The platform can also be customized in accordance with the corporate identity of the enterprises and according to the customer management processes.


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