Benefits of SAPUI5 Smart Components

With the rapid advancement of technology in the recent period, the importance of applications accessed and used through mobile devices is increasing. Especially for companies, developing applications that users can access from different platforms and devices is a critical requirement. In this context, big organisations like SAP, place importance to mobile usability.

SAPUI5 Smart Components, corresponds these requirements and are optimized to use them comfortably through mobile devices. These components are designed to work with different screen sizes and resolutions. In this way, when users use the application through different devices like mobile phone or tablet, they experience consistancy.

Fiori smart components

There are many advantages of smart components. It comes forward by speeding up development processes, reducing code complexity, improving user experience. These are essential to the development of Fiori applications. Due to fast development, no matter who is developing a Fiori application, it offers flexibility to developers and reduces cost by less code and error. Likewise, it provides much more useful and reliable of applications.

Properties that enhance user experience, allows users to use applications more effectively and they optimize business processes.

Features such as the speed of Smart Components and the ability to export data to Excel, improves the performance of applications and it allows users to manage data more effectively. To give an example, a fast running smart component, enables users to access instant data, providing transactions to be performed quickly. Since it is time-saving, it is preferred by users and managers.


It includes variety of properties to make a rich user interface. For instance, we can achieve data filtering easier by using a Smart Filter Bar. In addition to this, we can filter and sort on the smart table.

Moreover, saving the selected values as variants is a big advantage of smart components. It provides users to have a customized experience. For example, Smart components, with their responsive structure, are a practical and easy way to access data, while using applications on mobile devices.  

You can check the other properties through this link SAPUI5 library


As a result, the advantages of smart components are; making the applications faster, more efficent and user friendly for users to access through any device. For this reason, optimizing application development processes and responding to needs of users is possible by using SAPUI5 smart components.

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