Guideline for e-Archive in Turkey

What is the e-Archive? 

The invoice, which is the document of commercial transactions, has been included in the e-transformation process for a while. e-Archive is a system that enables the invoice to be prepared, sent, stored and reported electronically. The e-Archive invoice is the copy of the e-Invoice required to be kept by the taxpayer. e-Archive invoice is a one-way application that only includes sending invoices. Although it is an electronic invoice type, it can also be received on paper if desired. It is also obligatory to issue e-Archive invoices, but these invoices are not sent to the recipient. The e-Archive invoice can be sent via the company's own data processing systems or through intermediary institutions authorized by the Turkey Revenue Administration.

How to Send an e-Archive Invoice?

According to the Revenue Administration in Turkey, it is necessary to be included in the e-Invoice system in order to use e-Archive and send e-Archive invoices. However, there is no such limitation for recipients, e-Archive invoices can be sent to recipients who are not e-Invoice users.  Since e-Archive is not sent within the Revenue Administration, there is no mandatory format. For the same reason, sent e-Archive invoices should be reported daily to the Revenue Administration in the specified format.

For Whom are e-Archive Invoices Obligatory?

As of 01/01/2020, all e-Invoice taxpayers are obliged to switch to the e-Archive Invoice application. Except this; persons who are not taxpayers but invoice more than 30.000 TL on the same day, and taxpayers who issue invoices over 5.000 TL, including taxes, on the same day are also required to issue these invoices as e-Archive Invoices. In addition, organizations that do not have an obligation can optionally use e-Archive invoices.

Advantages of e-Archive Invoice

e-Archive invoice provides businesses with many advantages over traditional methods, just like other e-conversion solutions. Some of the advantages of using e-Archive invoices are listed below.

  • Cost Savings

Since the invoice transactions will be transferred to the electronic environment, it saves the costs and time of creating, sending and storing paper invoices. Another saving is the reduction of operational costs based on data security and auditing.

  • Time Savings

Invoice printing times and total processing times are reduced.

  • Environmentally Friendly

It is environmentally friendly as it will reduce paper usage and waste.

  • Fewer Mistakes

The risk of error will also be less compared to manual methods.

  • Accessibility

It is another advantage that the information and data of the transactions are more accessible and secure than not using e-Archive. e-Archive invoices can be kept for legal periods and can be accessed at any time.

SAP e-Archive Solution

SAP e-Archive solution is one of MDP Group's e-transformation solutions. SAP e-Archive Invoice solution is an application where e-Invoice taxpayers can easily issue and send e-Archive Invoices via SAP systems without entering the Revenue Administration e-Document Issuance Portal, as well as track the e-Archive Invoices they have sent.


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