Guideline for e-Invoice in Turkey

What is e-Invoice?

E-Invoice is not a new type of invoice, it is a different format of the same document. It has similar legal capabilities as a paper receipt. Revenue Administration aimed to create a safe and trusted environment between the seller and the buyer that is cost and also time saving with a single format and standard by the e-Invoice application. Currently, most of the companies are expected to use e-Invoice. In July 2021, some new regulations were declared.

The Latest Declarations

The Turkish Revenue Administration (TRA) has issued a communique in 2021, which details new tax duties. These obligations have a direct impact on how public and private companies use electronic invoices.

Since 2014, electronic invoices have been made obligatory in the Turkish B2B sector. The usage of electronic invoices has now become mandatory in the public sector as well.

What are the New Tax Obligations in B2G Environment?

In B2G environment, all public institutions have been required to accept electronic invoices since March 2021. Providers with a turnover more than 5 million TL enrolled to the TRA, can now distinguish their e-solicitations by demonstrating KAMU. These suppliers can send invoices to public firms by the inclusion of the word KAMU.

New tax responsibilities as of July 2021 declares that all public and personal establishments which have a settlement with the SGK public healthcare system ought to claim e-Fatura (e-Invoice) and e-Arşiv (e-Archive) invoices to the TRA.

What are the New Tax Obligations in B2B Environment?

Presently all organizations withinside the B2B environment with an invoice volume that surpasses five million Turkish Liras should form e-Invoices.

In B2B environment, new tax responsibilities as of July 2021 declares that all organizations without the commitment to enlist in the TRA should proclaim all invoices with a worth of 5000 TL or with a daily invoice volume over 30 000 TL per day utilizing the e-Archive format.

The revelation of e-Adisyon (e-Addition) electronic tickets became compulsory. Organizations in the service sector (mostly restaurants and cafes) that issue paper tickets should now announce them in the e-Adisyon electronic format. The TRA will distribute a rundown of influenced organizations that should conform to the new guideline inside 90 days of its publication.

The Electronic Invoicing System in Turkey

The electronic invoicing framework in Turkey has two unique sorts of invoices. The principal type is the e-Invoice, it is the electronic receipt used for B2B exchanges between associations enrolled in the TRA. The e-Fatura (e-Invoice) is the electronic invoice in Turkey. The TRA expects all organizations with a yearly invoice measure of 5 million TL or more to issue and declare the e-Invoice.

The subsequent kind is the e-Arşiv (e-Archive), the electronic receipt utilized for B2B and B2C transactions with organizations not enrolled in the TRA. At present, all Turkish organizations with a yearly invoice volume of 5 million Turkish Liras or more should issue the e-Invoice and e-Archive relying upon the invoice recipient’s enlistment status. It is required to safely archive electronic invoices for 10 years. The protected archiving solution should ensure the uprightness of the records for the whole storing time frame through the digital signature of the filed archives as indicated by the national standard.

Prerequisites to Electronically Invoice in Turkey:

  • Organizations that wish to invoice electronically in Turkey should enroll in the TRA with their VKN tax id.
  • Organizations should finish a progression of records distributed in the government portal. It will be your fiscal advisor who will decide precisely what data you should report.
  • Organizations should have a moral person digital certificate and a digital seal for the organization in question to have the option to distinguish themselves to the TRA and to ensure security in all activities acknowledged in their entry.

Process of Electronic Invoice in Turkey

The process of electronic invoice in Turkey started in 2010 with the endorsement of the Tax Procedure Law (VUK) which gave the electronic invoice legitimate comparability to paper invoices. In 2014 the mass adoption of the electronic invoice started, and from that point forward groups of organizations have been compelled to give all invoices electronically, contingent upon their yearly turnover and business area. Presently the mass adoption of the electronic invoice is being upheld in the public area.

e-Invoice Solution for SAP

SAP e-Invoice solution is an application where issuing and sending e-Invoices are made as easy as possible. To simplify the process, entering the RA (Revenue Administration) e-Document Issuance Portal is not needed, they can directly be done through SAP systems. Easily tracking e-Invoices is also provided in SAP e-Invoice solution of MDP. The solution is 100% integrated with SAP, meets all legal requirements, reduces the cost of physical archiving and it is environment friendly.


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