How to Implement EDI with SAP Integration Suite?

Thanks to the SAP Integration Suite, companies can make processes efficient by eliminating the difficulty and time-consuming management processes of using EDI effectively between their corporate systems. Because SAP Integration Suite provides a reliable way for businesses to integrate EDI and automate their processes. In this article, we will cover how businesses can implement EDI with the SAP Integration Suite.

What is SAP EDI?

SAP EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a system that enables companies to electronically exchange business documents such as purchase orders, invoices and shipping notices with their trading partners. EDI users can interact virtually with another organization anywhere in the world to reduce waiting times and anticipate future procedures. With SAP EDI, users are replacing manual document processes with automated processes.

What is SAP Integration Suite?

SAP Integration Suite is an iPaaS platform that enables companies to rapidly integrate cloud-based and on-premises business processes, applications, data, and resources. It helps companies quickly connect their systems, automate business processes and accelerate innovation. So how do companies do all this with the SAP Integration Suite?

  • SAP Integration Suite provides tools for companies to design, publish and manage APIs.
  • SAP Integration Suite integrates all applications on a single platform for companies to sustain innovation, transform business processes and increase efficiency.
  • Allows interconnecting SAP and non-SAP cloud and on-premises applications.
  • Enables companies to seamlessly integrate non-SAP applications with connectors pre-built by SAP.

How to Make EDI Applications with SAP Integration Suite?

SAP Integration Suite is a very comprehensive cloud software that allows companies to create EDI functions. SAP Integration Suite provides an easy-to-use platform to implement EDI. Here are the basic steps to set up EDI with SAP Integration Suite:

  • Install SAP Integration Suite

SAP Integration Suite has APIs, connectors and prebuilt integrations. With these tools, companies can create, manage and deploy EDI applications.

  • Create an EDI Application

SAP Integration Suite has a graphical user interface. With the graphical user interface, companies can start sending and receiving EDI messages by creating an EDI application.

  • Test the App

After creating the application and mapping the data, it is necessary to test the application to ensure that it works as expected. Companies can do this using the testing tool offered by the Integration Suite.

  • Deploy the Application

After the application passes the testing phase, the application must be deployed to the production environment. Companies can deploy using Integration Suite's deployment tool.

  • Follow the App

Integration Suite provides monitoring tool for companies to track and analyze their applications. In order to ensure that a created application works smoothly, it is necessary to monitor and monitor the application with the monitoring tool.

Need an alternative for EDI Integration?

MIP is an advanced iPaaS platform where businesses can manage their entire integration process. MIP offers a variety of connectors and prebuilt integration packages to save time and cost in integration processes.
You can contact us from our website to learn how you can manage your SAP EDI integrations with MIP.


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