How to Integrate SAP with Azure?

Integrated systems have become critical in the corporate business world. In this article, we will get to know SAP and Azure, which are considered the world leaders in their respective sectors. 

What is SAP?

SAP, one of the world's leading software companies, offers ERP and enterprise business applications. The comprehensive solutions provided by SAP are used by hundreds of thousands of customers from different industries all over the world. SAP users position SAP ERP as an information system in which they integrate all of their organizations' data and processes at a single point.

SAP has transferred many separate structures from finance to purchasing, logistics to warehouse monitoring, and from payroll to warehouse management, into its modular system, and has successfully linked them with each other.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft's cloud application development and infrastructure platform. Azure enables its users to develop internet applications that run on the internet and can keep their data in Microsoft Data Center. Microsoft Azure works similarly to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform.

The biggest advantage of Microsoft Azure is having comprehensive cloud computers for low fees. It saves companies from establishing their own private infrastructure and meeting the maintenance expenses of the infrastructure they have established while using the cloud platform. Azure provides hundreds of cloud-based system services such as various virtual machines, SQL databases, Active Directory Domain Service to the service of companies. Thus, the cloud-based service needs of companies are met in a practical way.

Why Do Companies Need Integration Between SAP and Azure?

An integrated IT structure is very important for companies. For this reason, SAP users aim to make their other applications, hardware or systems work integrated with SAP by positioning SAP ERP centrally. Azure is frequently preferred by companies using SAP, as it offers a SAP-optimized cloud platform. For this reason, businesses that use Azure and SAP need integration to use these two systems in connection.

Connector for SAP and Azure Integration

MDP Group offers integration solutions for two-way data transfer between Azure and SAP. MDP Group offers SAP PI/PO, SAP CPI or custom integration scenarios to SAP users. Ready integration packages offered by MDP Group offer time and cost savings to companies.

SAP & Azure Adapter Features

  • Divide Input into Blocks
  • Retry Failed Block Operations
  • Storage account key or token authentication
  • Dynamic blob name with Adapter-Specific Message Attributes (ASMA)
  • Supports Proxy use
  • Custom configuration of the polling interval

Integration Solutions for SAP

As MDP Group, we are one of the most experienced introduction teams in Europe. Since 2013, we have provided support, consultancy and solutions to 140+ companies in the field of integration. With our more than 120 ready integration packages that we have built for SAP, we offer integration solutions that fit the integration needs of businesses.

Need more? Contact us and let's discuss how we can provide a solution to your needs.


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