HubSpot SAP Integration

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is one of the leading inbound marketing tools in its industry, enabling businesses to manage all their marketing, sales, and CRM activities through a single platform. Various teams within a firm can leverage HubSpot tools and coordinate with each other regarding business processes, which is a favorite feature for many users. Having a unified view of everything that goes on regarding marketing, sales, and customers, significantly reduces—if not, eliminates—incompatibilities between different departments. Stakeholders can also view all past activities and correspondence with past, current, and potential customers through HubSpot CRM.

How does SAP integrate with HubSpot?

MDP Group provides SAP and HubSpot Integration using SAP Process Orchestration (SAP PO). This integration facilitates a data exchange going both ways between HubSpot CRM and SAP systems. Businesses that run on SAP can easily access all their HubSpot data through the CRM. HubSpot data is extracted via HubSpot Rest API and transferred to SAP through SAP PO integration. Once a HubSpot SAP integration is in place, any changes in HubSpot data instantly reflects on users’ SAP system.

Why Integrate HubSpot with SAP?

By integrating HubSpot with SAP, copies of data are actively sent to the CRM—conveniently assuring up-to-date data without any additional effort on the business’ end. This feature makes for reduced workloads and improved customer experience.


HubSpot and SAP Rest API Integrations

  •     Create company
  •     Create contact
  •     Create deal
  •     Create engagement
  •     Create / update contact
  •     Delete contact
  •     Get company details by ID
  •     Get contact details by email
  •     Get contact details by VID
  •     Get contacts associated with a company
  •     Get contacts in contact list
  •     Get deal by ID
  •     Get owner details
  •     Remove contact from contact list
  •     Search for companies
  •     Search contacts
  •     Update company
  •     Update deal
  •     Custom action
  •     Add contact to list
  •     Add contact to workflow


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