Importance of Digital B2B Customer Portal

Technological developments also significantly change the processes and relations in the B2B sector. With the increasing importance of customer experience and customer satisfaction, businesses have started to invest in customer relationship management.

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

B2B CRM stands for Business-to-Business Customer Relationship Management and refers to the systems, technologies, strategies and processes that help B2B companies manage their relationships with current and potential customers. CRM covers a B2B purchasing cycle from end to end.

Why do Companies Need B2B Customer Portal?

There are very detailed business processes between the company and its customers in most sectors. For this reason, it is very difficult to manage these processes with traditional and manual methods. The trend in the business world today is integrated business systems. Recording and reporting of customer processes carried out with traditional methods is also very laborious. In addition, there is a high probability of error in manually recording and reporting data.

JetCRM, a B2B CRM Portal solution, is a solution that works integrated with ERP systems.

Digital B2B Customer Portal for SAP

JetCRM Customer Portal is a SAP-integrated solution that enables B2B customer processes to be managed on a single platform. Customers can track their credit status, invoices, current discounts, product and order information and all other necessary information on the portal. This way, customers can see everything they need in one place online and take action.

Features of JetCRM Customer Portal

For Company

  • Creating special announcements for customers,
  • Defining special discounts for customers,
  • Accessing detailed information about customers,
  • Viewing total order quantities and delivery reports,
  • Easy access to customers' payment reports,
  • Adding new product
  • Adding new customers
  • Create a shipping calendar

For Customers

  • Creating a new order,
  • Reporting past orders,
  • Order detail screens
  • View invoices, debts and payments,
  • Viewing overdue payables, limit and balance information,
  • Making payments through the portal.


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