Process Modeling with QuickModel in SAP Signavio Process Manager

The QuickModel feature in the SAP Signavio Process Manager solution is a tool that enables the creation of a process flow model dynamically within the framework of BPMN, i.e. business process model and representation standards.

Who is QuickModel useful for?

  • Users who are not familiar with modeling standards can quickly obtain business process models with this feature.
  • Facilitates the creation of basic process flow in complex business process models.
  • The business process model enables the missing data in the activity steps to be easily identified and filled with a table view.

What Can You Do with QuickModel?

  • Primary process modeling with start and end activities
  • Activity steps in the business process model in the organization and data entries of the users who perform these activities
  • Establishing and identifying the cornerstones of the business process model to be created (IT Systems, Software, Resources, or manually created attributes)

* Decision mechanisms and parallel processes can be included in the model after the creation of the primary business process model.

Quick Model Overview

SAP Signavio QuickModel
  1. Toolbar: This is the area with options such as Save, Undo or Forward.
  2. Process Details: This is the section where steps such as Organization, Start and End activities are displayed.
  3. Activities: This is the area where data entries are made about the activity performed, by whom the activity was performed and how the activity was performed.
  4. Diagram preview: This is the area where the business process model created in parallel with data inputs can be displayed.

Diagram Drawing with QuickModel

  • To draw a diagram with QuickModel, first select New -> QuickModel in SAP Signavio Process Manager.
  • The process flow diagram to be created is given a name and its basic characteristics are defined:
    • Organization
    • Start Activity
    • End Activity
    • Description of the Business Process Model
  • Additional attributes can be defined by clicking on the Show More Process Attributes tab.
  • In the Activities tab, the steps of the process are entered.
  • The diagram is saved by clicking Save.

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