SAP Fiori Client Removed from App Stores: Now What?

SAP Fiori Client removed from Apple and Google App Stores in the second quarter of 2022. What does this mean for Fiori users? Will users who downloaded the app beforehand experience any disruptions? If your organization relies on SAP Fiori Client, keep reading to find out how this will affect you and what your options are.

SAP Fiori Client Will No Longer Listed on App Stores 

SAP Fiori Client was developed to provide easy mobile access to its users. Recently, SAP has announced that the application is now largely redundant due to the evolved capabilities of mobile browsers. Hence, SAP Fiori Client  removed from all public application stores by 01.04.2022. Another factor that led to SAP’s decision was WebView’s increasing limitations, which negatively impacted the application’s user experience.  

What This Means for SAP Fiori Client Users

If you’ll have already downloaded the application by 01.04.2022, its removal from application stores won’t affect you yet. You won’t experience any disruptions while using the desktop and mobile SAP Fiori Client applications. However, changing your device or getting a new addition to your team after April 2022 will require alternative methods.  

What SAP Suggests to New Users

What to do if you need to use SAP Fiori Client haven’t downloaded it by April 2022? SAP suggests using Fiori Client through your web browser; but doing so has significant limitations. Several features, including barcode scanning and voice recording plugins, cannot be used via browsers. If you have Mobile Device Management (MDM), you may add a link to the Fiori launchpad on your SAP screen. For users who don’t want to be inconvenienced by the limitations of using SAP Fiori Client through a web browser, SAP offers two options.

First, you can contact SAP support and request a private B2B Access. You’ll need either MDM or Apple Business Manager to follow through the steps. Second, you can use SAP Mobile Platform SDK 3.2 or Cloud Build Service to develop your own custom SAP Fiori Client application. If you do so, you must purchase the required licenses and acquire a signed certificate from Apple, Google, or Microsoft.

MDP Group offers you a third option.

Alternative to SAP Fiori Client Application

Our alternative application to Fiori Client has all the features of the standard SAP Fiori Client. (And more!) It works on windows, IOS, and Android – and there’s no hidden fee! Also, you'll notice the familiar design is no different than what you're used to. So your team can resume work with no adaptation period.

Alternative to SAP Fiori Client

We send you the setup file, you follow the steps.  For multiple setups, your IT personnel can use the Active Directory for fast configuration. We also offer QR codes for mobile setups. Contact us now to get started.

Fiori Client Login
SAP Fiori Client - Custom Solution
SAP Fiori Client Mobile

A New and Improved SAP Fiori Client

As coders, we value user experience above all else. We didn’t just want to replace SAP Fiori Client with our version. We wanted to make it better. Here are some features we added to enhance your SAP Fiori Client experience.


MDP Alternative Application

Standart SAP Fiori Client

IOS, Android, Windows

Single Sign On

Kapsel Plug-in support (push notifications, geolocation, barcode scanning, voice recording)

                              ✅ (Limited)

Works with all systems simultaneously (DEV, QA, Prod)

Passcode screen disabling

Customizable screens (company logo and colors)

Unlimited sessions

Embedded view of PDF documents

Automatic directing to application from email links


Our custom solution allows you to start an unlimited number of sessions and perform multiple actions simultaneously. Received a purchase request via email? Clicking the link automatically directs you to your desktop or mobile application. View your documents embedded in the app without having to use third party applications.  

MDP Group’s improved alternative application to SAP Fiori Client is currently available. Switch to our application now to avoid any disruptions in 2022. For detailed information on other features and benefits, leave us your contact information and we’ll get back to you!

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