What is SAP Integration Suite?

The integration process has an important place in the digital transformation field because integration enables reliable, scalable, and efficient data access and use across ecosystems and process stages. The use of multiple integration technologies and different technologies available in companies provides information flows such as data sharing between companies or internal/external stakeholders, while making the work process dynamic. The need for integration capabilities in the cloud era is increasing day by day. Companies around the world strive to use data from multiple sources simultaneously and aim to streamline their digital business processes. At this point, the SAP Integration Suite comes into play. SAP Integration Suite offers companies dynamic processes and effective solutions. 

What Is SAP Integration Suite? 

SAP Integration Suite is an integration platform as a service that enables to effective integration of cloud-based and on-premises applications and processes with the tools used by SAP. SAP Integration Suite, which is used to connect with SAP or non-SAP applications, makes the relevant data available throughout the organization. Moreover, this platform provides access to business applications from a single platform and helps maximize efficiency by leveraging ready-made function modules. 

SAP Integration Suite is an enterprise integration platform as a service (EiPaaS) and enables organizations to integrate SAP and non-SAP processes and applications in different environments. Moreover, SAP Integration Suite maintains and publishes API systems, providing comprehensive API Management. 

Why Do Companies Need SAP Integration Suite? 

There are many reasons for companies to use the SAP Integration Suite. These reasons maximize company efficiency and improve business processes. That is why the SAP Integration platform plays a critical role for companies. Some of the reasons are as follows: 

  • Customize the Integration  
  • Process Accelerate Innovation 
  • Integrate Complex Business Processes in the IT Environment 

If we examine these subtitles; 

Customize the Integration Process 

SAP Integration Suite customizes integration processes for companies and maximizes efficiency by connecting experiences across the enterprise. Serving to harmonize all processes within the organization, SAP Integration Suite facilitates the integration process between various application environments and ecosystems and adapts the interactions between customers and employees. This way, companies can integrate and customize all SAP or non-SAP data while speeding up the entire integration process across the enterprise. 

Accelerate Innovation  

SAP Integration Suite enables to reuse of existing business processes and data to rebuild applications. The integration process becomes harmonize while mastering applications and processes across the enterprise. This improves company productivity. Reused data and applications, as well as APIs and integrations, can be combined and the business process becomes innovative. While this improves productivity, it is also a good experience for employees and users. 

Integrate Complex Business Processes into the IT Environment 

IT environments must include SAP and non-SAP solutions and that company data is accessible throughout the organization. SAP Integration Suite fulfills all these important points and simplifies the integration process. The presence of all kinds of solutions and data in the IT environment simplifies complex business processes. In this way, efficiency is maximized for companies while improving complex business processes. 

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