SPL (Sanctioned Party List) Screening in SAP GTS

SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) is a comprehensive solution suite that helps companies automate international trade processes, comply with changing import and export regulations, and improve trade management. The solution supports the entire international trade process, from international trade agreements, risk management, customs and tax management. In this way, companies gain many advantages when conducting import and export activities, such as complying with international regulations, monitoring risk and increasing efficiency. This helps companies to manage their operations more effectively.

SPL (Sanction List Check) is one of the key tools within the GSP. SPL supports sanction list screening processes for sales, HR, finance, procurement and distribution. This means that if a transaction fails the check, the software immediately blocks the transaction for review. Backlogs allow blocked transactions to be processed much more efficiently.

Test Case: Manual Triggering of SPL Control 

TCODE : VA01 --> Creation of a sales order

SAP GTS - SPL Control

Sales Order 4310


SAP GTS - SPL Sales order
SAP GTS Display Logs
  • When we want to create a delivery after the sales order we have created, we cannot create a shipped delivery. This is because SPL control is not done after the sales order. After the relevant control is done, we can create a shipped delivery.
  • We go to the SAP Global Trade Services screen.
Sanctioned Party List
  • Press the 'Display Blocked Documents' button on the GTS screen.
Display Blocked Documents - SPL
  • After our Sales Order, we could not create a shipped delivery because SPL control was not performed. When we enter the relevant sales order in the reference number and run the screen, we can see in which subject the relevant sales order is stuck in the control.
SPL Screening
Compliance Management Sanctioned Party List Screening
SPL Screening - Release Blocked Documents
SPL Block Cancelled
Display Customs Document for Sales Order

We can manually approve the blocked document by entering the 'Manually Release Blocked Documents' screen and in this way, we eliminate the problem we encounter when creating delivery by approving the control.


Outbound Delivery SAP GTS
SAP GTS Performance Assistant

Outbound Delivery 80003764

After the SPL check confirmation, we create the ERP sent delivery and the document is distributed to EWM.


Maintain Outbound Delivery Order

Our delivery distributed to EWM comes as 'block status'. In order to complete our transactions for the relevant delivery, we need to make SPL checks again and approve them manually.

--> We go to the SAP Global Trade Services screen again.

Display Blocked Documents SAP GTS

When we enter the ERP-EWM numbers in the reference number field and run the screen, we can see from the blocked status in the 'SPL Screen' field that the SPL Control of the relevant document should be done.

SPL Screening SAP GTS
SAP GTS SPL Screening
Release SPL Block - SAP GTS
Display Customs Document for Outbound Delivery

After the manual approval of the relevant document, we can see from the 'SPL Screen, Embargo and Control' fields that the GTS controls have been completed on the document. The relevant fields are in approved status and GTS controls have been completed.


Outbound Delivery SAP GTS

After GTS controls, the blockage problem in our EWM delivery has been eliminated. After the elimination of the blockage problem, we complete the process with the completion of the collection warehouse tasks according to our EWM processes and then the goods exit.

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