What Do SAP Integration Suite Adapters Provide?

Today's world of technology has required businesses to have an integrated structure. As businesses invest in new technologies day by day, their integration needs are increasing in parallel. Leading ERP provider SAP also offers various solutions for the integration needs of its users. In this article, we will first get to know SAP's iPaaS solution, the Integration Suite. Then, we will explain how ready-made integration packages developed for the SAP Integration Suite facilitate the business processes of companies.

What is SAP Integration Suite?

SAP Integration Suite, formerly SAP Cloud Platform, is a cloud-based service that combines tools and pre-built content to help overcome any integration challenge. The Suite’s Cloud Integration capability is used to build, manage and monitor integration flows.

Pre-built Integrations for Integration Suite Covering:

  • Application to Application
  • Business to Business
  • Business to Government

For more information about the SAP Integration Suite, you can read our "What is SAP Integration Suite?" blog.

Benefits Prebuilt Integration Packages

“Don't reinvent the wheel. Just plug-and-play.”

Integration processes can be really challenging at times. Most integration processes require expertise and experience. Building an integration from scratch can sometimes take months. This creates a serious loss of time, labor and cost for companies. The prebuilt integration packages included in the Integration Suite actually contain various experiences and expertise.

By using the ready integration packages in the Suite, companies can meet their integration needs without having to build an integration from scratch. These benefit companies in terms of time, workforce, cost, operational efficiency and more.

SAP Integration Suite Adapters

MDP Group, which has the largest and most experienced SAP integration team in Europe, has been providing end-to-end support for the integration needs of companies for more than 10 years. The team, which is highly experienced in the fields of SAP PI, SAP PO, SAP Integration Suite, also offers custom integration support for SAP users. MDP Group provides workload, time and cost savings in the integration processes of companies with the prebuilt integration packages it offers. Let's take a look together.

SAP Salesforce Adapter

MDP Group's SAP Salesforce Adapter is a solution developed for companies that need integration between SAP and Salesforce. The SAP Salesforce adapter provides two-way data flow between SAP and Salesforce. The adapter handles sending/receiving data from Salesforce and Add, Update, Upgrade, Delete via Salesforce Bulk API v2.

SAP Amazon S3 Adapter

MDP Group's SAP Amazon S3 Adapter provides two-way data flow between SAP and Amazon S3. Using the SAP Amazon S3 Adapter, companies can access, filter, archive and delete their files on Amazon S3. Data flow with the adapter requires minimal development and less processing compared to traditional methods.

SAP Azure Adapter

MDP Group SAP Azure Adapter provides Sending data from your SAP ERP system to Azure applications and receiving data from Azure applications into your SAP ERP system. The adapter enables more efficient business processes by allowing Azure applications to securely access data from your SAP/non-SAP systems and cloud-based solutions.

SAP AMQP Adapter

MDP Group's SAP AMQP Adapter enables the exchange of AMQP messages with SAP. Build, configure, and run the integration to ensure reliability with fast, scalable, and fault-tolerant messaging through the Adapter.

SAP WebDAV Adapter

MDP Group's SAP WebDAV Adapter provides access to files on WebDAV servers from SAP via SAP Cloud Platform. You can write web content, test files, archive or delete files through your SAP Integration Suite system. The adapter uses the WebDAV protocol and allows secure data exchange between your SAP/non-SAP systems and WebDAV.

SAP MongoDB Adapter

MDP Group's SAP MongoDB Adapter provides secure and effortless two-way data flow between SAP and MongoDB. Companies can send and receive records from the MongoDB database via SAP PI/PO and SAP Integration Suite using the SAP MongoDB Adapter.

SAP Box Adapter

MDP Group's SAP Box Adapter provides access to files in the Box storage service via the SAP Integration Suite. With the adapter, companies can update, archive and delete files in their Box accounts or create new files via SAP systems. The adapter provides a simplified secure two-way integration process between SAP and Box that requires minimal time and effort.

SAP Dropbox Adapter

MDP Group's SAP Dropbox Adapter is a solution that enables SAP users to easily access their files in Dropbox via the SAP system. The SAP Dropbox adapter, which provides a two-way data flow, enables the files in Dropbox to be updated, archived, deleted and new files can be created through the SAP Integration Suite system.

SAP Google Drive Adapter

MDP Group's SAP Google Drive Adapter enables companies to perform two-way data transfer between Google Drive data and SAP systems. With the MDP Google Drive Adapter on the SAP Integration Suite, SAP users can instantly transfer their files between SAP and Google Drive with the assurance of OAuth 2.0.

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