What is Handling Unit?

Definition of Handling Unit

A handling unit is a physical unit made up of the packaging materials and the commodities that are enclosed within it. A handling unit is always made up of a mix of products and packaging. By way of the handling units, all of the information included in the material items, such as batches and serial numbers, is constantly available. The handling units maintain all of the material's information, including batches, serial numbers, and amounts.

Handling units have unique identifying numbers that can be created using SSCC standards. Once the HU with the SSCC number has been generated, it can be stored in inventory at the storage site or bin level, as well as passed to appropriate partners along the supply chain. The HU can be relocated within or outside the organization, erased, or repackaged.

What is Handling Unit Management?

Handling Unit Management is the process of coordinating HU movement within a supply chain and within an inventory. Handling Unit Management simplifies operations related to units moving between supply chains and warehouses. Not every material is moved as a unit in any logistics process. It is packed and moved together with cartons, pallets and similar packaging materials. Or stored together.

The advantage of handling units at the storage place is also easily explained. On the one hand, the handling unit allows the employee to transport this or many containers on a pallet with their whole contents, but it also provides a clear picture of how much of each substance is stored in each container at any one time.

Handling Unit in SAP EWM

SAP Handling Unit Management is a critical warehouse solution for reducing errors, improving stock management, and ensuring traceability. Businesses can improve productivity and accuracy in the shipping process by integrating HUM into their ERP, leading to overall efficiency gains. You can manage high-volume warehouse operations and integrate complicated supply chain logistics into your warehouse and distribution processes using SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM).

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