What is SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)?

Today, as a result of developing technology, data silos that are difficult to manage have begun to form. It is necessary to analyze this data by transforming it into a meaningful one and to ensure that your company adapts quickly to changing conditions. This is possible with the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).

SAP Analytics Cloud is a collective cloud solution for business intelligence (BI), Business Planning and Predictive Analytics delivered as a SaaS (software as a service). It is built natively on SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) and provides a secure cloud experience built to maximize data-driven decision making/analysis. It also supports reporting, forecasting and risk control features.

Features of SAP Analytics Cloud

  1. Stories: A presentation-style document that uses images, charts, and text to explain data.
  2. Analytic Applications: For creating analytical applications for data analysis and planning.
  3. Models: It is the representation of large amount of business data coming from source systems. It defines the dimensions and dimensions of the visualizations and calculations required to be used on the "Stories" side.
  4. Planning: It allows to write values directly into table cells in planning models.
  5. Smart Capabilities: Offers many smart features to improve business decisions and analytical workflow.
  6. Datasets: A dataset is a simple collection of data presented in a table. Datasets complement models and are better suited for ad hoc analysis.
  7. SAP Digital Boardroom: It is a real-time and interactive presentation tool.
  8. Mobile App: With the SAC Mobile application, it makes it possible to access your analyzes anytime and anywhere.

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What is SAP Analytics Cloud?

Advantages of SAP Analytics Cloud

  • A single cloud solution of business intelligence, business planning and advanced analytics.
  • It enables data and analytics to be organized and managed simply from one place.
  • Facilitates analytical processes.
  • Provides high speed and performance.
  • Creates real-time analytics.
  • Saves time by planning, analyzing and taking action directly within your corporate solution.
  • It is safe.
  • Provides insights into business data from internal and external sources.
  • Provides a much more understandable result with intelligent visualization.
  • Seamlessly integrates into existing S4HANA systems.
  • Allows simulating possible future scenarios.
  • Can be used in hybrid architectures with SAP and non-SAP applications.
  • Supports various cloud-based data connections as well as .csv and .xsl file uploads.

What is SAP Analytics Cloud Embedded Edition (SAC EE)?

It enables business applications to be connected to the SAP Hana database with a live connection and the data to be analyzed. You can perform analysis of business data by establishing a live connection between the SAC tenant and the Hana database on SAP BTP.

SAC EE Advantages:

  • Analysis based on secure live access to business data.
  • It is made possible to add business intelligence features to business applications in SAP BTP with a unified user experience.
  • Allows business users to access predefined reporting, personalized access to business data, and ad-hoc analytical capabilities built into business applications.
  • SAP Hana adopts in-memory technology that requires real-time intelligence and analytics working on persistent data in the database, enabling you to build your smart business application.


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