What is SAP GTS?

Today, factors such as changing trade regulations, legal compliance, foreign policies and special rules complicate the management of companies operating in the field of import and export. SAP GTS (Global Trade Services) is a solution that helps companies face the complexities of running their global trade operations. It helps companies to provide speed, efficiency and process control while managing their business processes. In this article, we will explain many details about SAP GTS, including its features and advantages.

Definition of SAP GTS

SAP Global Trade Services is a comprehensive suite of solutions that helps companies automate international trade processes, comply with changing import and export regulations, and improve trade management. The solution supports the entire international trade process, from international trade agreements, risk management, to customs and tax management. In this way, companies gain many advantages such as complying with international regulations, monitoring risk and increasing efficiency while carrying out their import and export activities. This helps companies find the opportunity to manage their operations more effectively.

SAP GTS Core Tools

SAP Global Trade Services has tools to easily run global trade processes.

  • Sanctioned List Check

The solution supports sanctions list scanning in sales, HR, finance, purchasing, and distribution. This means that if a transaction fails a check, the software immediately blocks the transaction for review. Job lists allow for much more efficient processing of blocked transactions.

  • Export Management

It enables linking the core logistics processes to make export management more compliant and efficient. These logistics processes are product classification, export license management, embargo scanning, and sanction list control. SAP GTS supports the easy execution of export processes by connecting with all of these.

  • Import Management

It supports product classification, sanction list control, and customs management by connecting with basic logistics processes just like export management.

  • Real-Time Compliance Check

This feature allows companies to automate compliance checks against sanctions, embargoes, and export control laws. In this way, it ensures that the products are shipped as quickly as possible.

  • Support for Special Customs Procedures

SAP GTS provides support for special customs procedures such as inward and outward processing, processing under customs control, temporary importation, and more. It is designed to help companies comply with customs legislation and ensure that the right documents are submitted to the right authorities at the right time.

Benefits of SAP GTS

  • It helps businesses comply with global trade regulations.
  • By automating the import and export processes, it speeds up the process and reduces the cost.
  • Helps reduce IT costs.
  • It provides real-time tracking of goods and services movements.
  • It helps in customs clearance processes by eliminating the risk of non-compliance with international trade regulations.


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