What is SAP Mobile Start?

As a result of developing technologies, the importance of mobile devices for companies has also increased. Companies now want to do their work from mobile devices as well as computers. Because in this way, they can stay up-to-date anytime, anywhere, follow the market, and stay ahead of their competitors in a competitive environment. In addition, mobile technologies create opportunities to be more innovative and productive. It is necessary to provide a secure and comfortable user experience when using mobile devices. SAP Mobile Start provides its users with a service in exactly this direction.

What is SAP Mobile Start?

SAP Mobile Start is an application that provides access to SAP's content and business applications from mobile devices, providing a consumer-level experience. Thanks to this application, business contents can be accessed anywhere, anytime. In addition, since it offers deep integration with the mobile device, you can receive notifications and follow the updates. Since the application can be customized according to your working style, it does not have to be used frequently.

Features of SAP Mobile Start

To keep up with the changing world, sectors have also taken steps towards digitalization. First, companies started using SAP software to enable each department to access and share common data to create a better working environment for their employees. Later, they switched to the SAP Mobile Start application to follow all these transactions from mobile devices. The SAP Mobile Start application eliminates the need to sit at a computer to access data or applications.

Local Notifications and Business Widgets

It is important to be aware of the agenda at all times in the business world. The existence of a mobile-supported application is very important as you cannot be at the computer all the time. SAP Mobile Start provides native notifications and business widgets on phones to do just that. Widget preferences are left entirely to the user.

Local Device Search

Users can spend a long time trying to find the right application. SAP Mobile Start enables you to search and open your SAP applications via native device search, such as Apple Spotlight Search. Apps and links optimized for web use are available on mobile.

Application and Content Recommendation

SAP Mobile Start identifies the applications you have used before and recommends similar applications to you. Its purpose is to provide the apps and content you need most so that you can easily meet your business needs.

Application Screen

You can see your applications on the application screen. This screen presents your local information as well as web-optimized applications. It has the ability to search for applications. Thanks to easy access, time is not spent searching for content.

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