What is SAP Process Automation?

Introducing SAP Process Automation

SAP Process Automation is an all-in-one integrated solution that combines each of your business processes with artificial intelligence capabilities and machine learning algorithms to develop a reliable, automated service.

SAP Process Automation is designed to help organizations improve operational efficiency by reducing manual work and automating processes. The solution helps you reduce costs, increase productivity and accelerate decision-making.

The solution also includes support for IoT devices, which means that it can be used to monitor machines or other assets in real-time — for example, by analyzing sensor data from IoT devices attached to production lines or other industrial equipment.

SAP Process Automation

What Does SAP Process Automation Provide?

SAP Process Automation allows us to manage the workflows, organize them and present them to the customer with changes in itself according to the customer's requests. Thanks the built-in tools, it allows us to get results faster without writing code. It also helps us create interactive forms and establish form-based workflows.

SAP Process Automation combines workflow management, RPA functionality, decision management, and built-in AI capabilities into one intuitive no-code experience. It helps businesses optimize business operations by automating repetitive workflows, analyzing processing and data to make informed decisions faster than ever before. It also enables you to:

  • Automate repetitive tasks and manage complex processes securely
  • Manage compliance requirements with built-in regulatory guidance
  • Use predictive analytics for key decisions about your business operations
  • Analyze data to make better decisions faster
SAP Process Automation Example

Who Is SAP Process Automation Suitable For?

Companies with an IT environment wanting to increase business efficiency quickly and reliably without using minimal or no code can easily integrate their business applications with their IT infrastructure. In addition, member registration systems and so on with wide form tools. It is suitable for companies that want to use systems because it is fast and reliable.

Advantages of SAP Process Automation

SAP Process Automation supports companies in their digital transformation process by helping them automate their business processes, use data to make better decisions and gain insights into customer behavior. This can be done through the combination of machine learning algorithms with artificial intelligence capabilities within SAP's Business Suite solutions.

  • Providing a working environment with minimal or no code writing.
  • Being fast and reliable for creating workflows.
  • Creating form-based workflows with Drag & Drop functionality.
  • Efficient operation from a unified launchpad and task center.
  • Ability to easily view the results and outputs of processes and forms.
  • Accessing workflow management and task automation features in a single tool.
  • Leveraging built-in AI capabilities for decision assistance and document processing.

SAP Process Automation Consultancy

As MDP Group, we support our business partners in optimizing their business processes with our teammates who are experts in SAP Process Automation.

MDP Group SAP Process Automation support aims to discover, measure, design, simplify, automate and manage workflow processes across the enterprise by combining the right technologies. You can contact us to get information about SAP process automation.


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