What is SAP Signavio Process Governance?

The success of a company depends on the efficiency, effectiveness and harmony of business processes. For this reason, business processes form the backbone of companies and affect the success of the company. However, as technology develops and companies grow, business processes have become more complex and difficult to manage. SAP Signavio Process Governance is a solution designed to eliminate this complexity of companies. The solution simplifies and helps improve workflows. In this article, we will discuss the details of SAP Signavio Process Governance and examine the benefits it provides to business processes.

What is SAP Signavio Process Manager?

Definition of SAP Signavio Process Governance

SAP Signavio Process Governance is a process governance solution designed to help companies easily and accurately create, customize, and implement process governance initiatives. The solution aligns companies' processes with their strategic goals. Thus, the processes applied to achieve the goal become more efficient and effective. At the same time, the solution ensures that companies comply with legal requirements. In this way, companies can always adapt to the most up-to-date version, even if the regulations change.

What are the Features of SAP Signavio Process Governance?

Companies are always looking for ways to manage their business processes effectively and efficiently. SAP Signavio Process Governance is the most effective way to achieve this. Because the solution transforms business process models into standard governance flows. Thus, it increases the internal and external compatibility of companies. Apart from these, Process Governance has many features that make workflows automatic and easy:

  • Process Modeling

Process Governance is a user-friendly solution with its drag and drop interface. This feature makes it easy for companies to create and modify any process model they want. Process models visualize and document business processes. Thus, it transforms the created process models into workflows by providing a concrete view.

  • Workflow Automation

The solution has a workflow engine that enables the creation of automated business processes. In this way, companies eliminate manual tasks by automating repetitive workflows. For example, with Process Governance, it becomes possible to avoid wasted time and errors by automating tasks such as decision points, checklists, forms, e-mail notifications for deadlines.

  • Approval Workflow

Process Governance offers an automated approval solution. Thus, companies automate and standardize the decisions that need to be made manually. At the same time, the solution provides control over who approves tasks. All these features ensure that the processes are both in compliance with the regulations and are automatically approved by the appropriate people.

  • Reporting Dashboard

SAP Signavio Process Goernance provides a reporting dashboard that displays data on how workflows are performing. In this way, companies can analyze their workflow performances, identify inefficient workflows and take measures for them.

  • Collaboration Area

The solution has a collaboration area where companies can discuss and update their workflows. In the field of cooperation, companies can gather feedback from stakeholders, receive suggestions and discuss them.

Benefits of SAP Signavio Process Governance

Some advantages of using SAP Signavio Process Governance are as follows:

  • The solution increases efficiency and effectiveness by automating companies' business processes. Thus, businesses gain many advantages such as decreasing costs, increasing customer satisfaction and increasing profitability.
  • It ensures that companies carry out their business processes in accordance with legal regulations.
  • It helps companies to identify potential risks and to carry out their processes in accordance with risk management.
  • Provides data that enables companies to better understand their processes. This data ensures that any inefficient processes can be resolved quickly, preventing further problems.
  • The solution changes the way employees do and work as it automates business processes. In this way, employees continue to work with less stress and more motivation.

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