What is SAP Signavio Process Manager?

Signavio Process Manager is an SAP Signavio module that offers intuitive, cloud-based, professional process modeling. SAP Signavio Process Manager enables documenting, modeling, designing and simulating processes.

SAP Signavio Process Manager

Source: SAP Signavio

SAP Signavio Process Manager Features

  • Collaborative modeling of processes,
  • Compliance check with business process modeling standards (BPMN, BPMN 2.0),
  • Processes are more aligned with companies' corporate strategies,
  • Implementing a transformation process on a large scale,
  • Making processes more sustainable,
  • Reporting and documenting processes

Process Manager enables process managers and business users who are not familiar with Business Process Modeling and Notation (BPMN) to take advantage of the benefits of easier and more comprehensive process modeling (including BPMN 2.0) by using drag and drop features for items, automatically locating items and modeling processes by reusing items from a central repository.

The solution helps to compare process models and model revisions, track changes and optimize processes. With filtering features, process models can be simplified and made easy to understand for different user roles.

It has features such as feedback on all processes or specific tasks and instant sharing of process diagrams to gather feedback across the organization.

Compliance with Business Process Modeling Standards

Process Manager enables the adoption and implementation of Business Process Model and Notation standards. Processes are optimized with alerts, hints and errors, which are real-time checks aimed at the quality and easy understanding of the models. Provides high-level perspectives on the process hierarchies within companies through value chains.

In addition, it makes it easier for process managers to act with modeling standards (BPMN, BPMN 2.0) when designing standard processes for customers.

SAP Signavio Process Manager enables determining whether a certain change made on the process will have an impact on the process results, and if so, how much and displaying them on the simulation. Determining the process parameters such as costs, durations and resources required to define simulation scenarios makes it easier to identify risks and take permanent measures.

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