What is SAP Signavio Process Transformation Manager?

SAP Signavio Process Transformation Manager, New Centralized Process Management Tool!

SAP Signavio Process Transformation Manager is the new process improvement solution that will be available in SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite.

This new solution, which will be available in early June, aims to enable you to collaboratively manage transformation insights and improvement initiatives, drive value-driven decision making, and establish performance baselines for measurable success.

Centralized and collaborative improvements: Drive transformation initiatives from one place, using pre-defined, problem-focused content, leveraging centrally managed outputs, and managing strategic and tactical initiatives in collaboration with stakeholders.

Value-driven decisions: Identify opportunities for improvement by benchmarking against industry standards and set informed goals and optimize the financial impact of the organization.

Value delivered through continuous improvement: Measure the delivered value of transformation initiatives, continuously identify areas for improvement, implement changes, and track results for sustainable success.

Within SAP Signavio Process Transformation Manager;

Centralized Insights

With Centralized Insights, you can capture outputs from within SAP Signavio and beyond and surface them in one central place. You will be able to experience a unified solution that eliminates unnecessary outputs and helps you align process stakeholders on the importance, relevance and priority of your improvement areas.


With Initiatives, you can collaborate, prioritize and manage your process improvement efforts while maintaining a comprehensive view of organization-wide deliverables. This feature allows you to collaboratively identify, implement and track improvement opportunities while maintaining transparency across the organization.

Benchmarking Analytics

With benchmarking analytics, you can get outputs on how your company performs compared to other companies in the industry. It allows you to easily identify areas for improvement and how to start improvement opportunities.

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