What is Software License Management?

A software license is a document that protects the rights of the software manufacturer that owns the copyright. The license you must obtain for each software demonstrates that you are not infringing on the copyrights of the manufacturer. You may also not copy or share their software application without the authorization of the copyright holder. Software License management allows you to control and manage your all business licenses.

What is Software License Management?

Software License Management covers the business processes for the effective management of all licenses owned by the enterprise. Businesses must follow the renewal dates of the licenses they purchase. Failure to renew licenses in a timely manner can pause the company's operational processes. In addition, the license of software that is no longer used can create unnecessary costs for the company. The license of such software should not be renewed. Software License Management is implemented for all these processes, it is one of the key components of Software Asset Management and IT Asset Management.

Business IT spending is increasing day by day. A large share of this increase is due to software. According to research, software that companies own but do not use causes huge waste. This means an unnecessary cost increase for businesses. The reason for this waste is unmanaged software applications. However, with the Software License Management Software developed to prevent this situation, you can reduce your software costs and prevent possible fines. With a strong software licensing capability, you can use your licenses efficiently, regardless of the size of your business.

What is the Importance of Software License Compliance for Your Business?

By purchasing software for your business, you are also accepting the license agreement. When using the software, the rules in the contract are followed. Software publishers (Adobe, Microsoft, etc.) try to prevent copyright infringement by controlling the customer's environment. Failure of any of these audits will cost your business heavily. While your reputation is damaged, you will also be subject to heavy fines. You should always make sure that your business is license-compliant, as possible legal actions are irreversible. You can align your business by using a software license check tool.

Software License Management Lifecycle

  • As a first step, you should create a license inventory for your business. You can explore your software inventory by performing asset scanning.
  • Determine whether the licenses are used efficiently or not by monitoring the usage of applications.
  • Keep applications only on the systems where they are used to reduce your costs.
  • Renew software licenses by checking statistics regularly.
  • You must determine how many licenses you need per software usage.
  • Be sure to document your procurement processes. It is essential to know where and from whom business units obtain their software licenses.

With an effective SLM, you become ready for new technologies and opportunities while strengthening your IT fundamentals.

What is License Inefficiency?

Because of the fear of auditing that many businesses have, IT managers may choose to over-license. They think that when the number of licenses increases, they will pass the audits successfully, but this causes an inefficient budget expenditure. We should know that unused software poses a very important problem. These results actually show that asset management is not done correctly. This excessive licensing measure against controls is an inadequate and wrong practice. There are some things you need to pay attention to manage your software licenses. You can avoid license inefficiency if you focus on these points:

  • Employees: You should know that the most critical point in IT asset management is employees. In businesses, individuals work for a common purpose. If the interests do not match each other, conflicts arise and interruptions occur in the processes. To prevent this situation, strong communication between the IT team and other employees is essential.
  • Process: This is where lifecycle control comes into play. You must have the right methods for controlling your software assets.
  • Technology: IT landscapes are becoming more complex as technology advances. For this reason, a more successful process can be achieved by using Software Asset Management tools.

Software License Management Software

MDP Group brand Loggle is an IT Asset Management Software. Loggle provides the Software Asset Management platform. Loggle helps to optimize your Software License Management to strengthen your IT processes. Contact us to simply complete your audits and get rid of compliance problems.


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