SAP Consulting Services

SAP is a software company that offers the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program used by hundreds of thousands of companies all over the world. The SAP software program is the most comprehensive ERP software preferred by the leading companies in its sector.

What is SAP Consulting?

SAP consultancy is a concept used for the services that companies with SAP licenses receive in the areas they need. Firms that offer SAP consulting are also known as "SAP partner". Persons providing services in this field are called "SAP consultants".

Businesses most commonly need a consultancy service in their SAP migration process. Apart from this, they can continue to receive SAP consultancy services on a project basis or periodically according to their needs.

SAP Module Consulting

MDP Group has been providing SAP module consultancy services for 6 different modules offered by SAP since 2013. In this process, MDP Group has successfully implemented more than 1100 projects by serving more than 320 businesses in 24 different countries.

As of 2023, MDP Group provides services to its business partners with 90 SAP consultants in Turkey, Switzerland and Germany offices. Our SAP consulting services provide integration and customization of the SAP ERP systems. SAP Consultants help companies for SAP implementation.

SAP Consulting Services

SAP PI/PO/CPI (Integration Suite) Consulting

With our 27 consultants who are experts in the field of integration, we offer services to the needs of our industry-leading business partners in Turkey and Europe for SAP's integration modules.

SAP ABAP Consulting

With 20 SAP ABAP consultants who are experts in ABAP, the programming language of SAP, we optimize the business processes of our SAP user business partners and develop solutions that meet their needs.

SAP Fiori Consulting

With our 8 SAP consultants, we provide application development and process optimization support to our business partners for SAP Fiori, which is known as the new user interface of SAP applications.

SAP EWM Consulting

We provide services with our 16 expert SAP EWM consultants for the SAP EWM module, which is known as the more comprehensive and new version of SAP's WM module. MDP SAP EWM team supports warehouse management processes of business partners in 12 different countries.

SAP AIF Consulting

With the right target, the right strategy and the right methods, we support our business partners to achieve maximum efficiency from the SAP AIF add-on and to ensure that your business processes run uninterrupted.

You can contact us to get information about our solutions and services.


SAP PI/PO and Integration Suite are integration solutions offered by SAP.

SAP PI/PO is a solution that has been designed to integrate SAP ERP with other business applications. It provides you with the ability to integrate your core applications with other business applications, enabling you to take advantage of the best features of both. This includes the ability to link different types of data between these applications, such as financial and transactional data, or information on materials or orders.

The PI/PO module enables you to work in a collaborative environment with multiple suppliers and customers. It also allows you to manage your entire supply chain from a single system, which can help you reduce costs and improve efficiency throughout your organization.

SAP Integration Suite is a set of tools designed for companies that want to integrate their existing systems into their SAP environment. These tools allow companies to connect their systems together quickly and easily without having to develop new code or customize existing software.

SAP ABAP is a fourth-generation, high-level programming language developed by the software company SAP. ABAP helps SAP customers customize their SAP ERP modules and change their functionality. ABAP allows you to change the way your system works, making it easier for users to perform their jobs and make more efficient use of the system's capabilities.

ABAP provides programmers with the ability to customize and extend the functionality of the SAP system. This allows companies to create their own programs that work within the environment of their ERP system, making it easier for them to handle their business processes and increase efficiency.

SAP Fiori is the user experience product of SAP. Fiori is a system that enables SAP users to create more flexible UIs, which they can then implement immediately on their own systems without having to wait for IT teams or developers to build them.

It enables SAP users to create more flexible UIs, which can be used across mobile and web platforms. SAP Fiori is available for use by customers of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Also, SAP Fiori is a set of design and development principles based on mobile-first design that lets you design apps that are responsive and scalable, while improving usability and accessibility. The idea is that the SAP Fiori user experience should be consistent across all devices — from the desktop to mobile phones to wearables.

SAP consultants are experienced professionals in the improvement and development of the processes of companies using SAP. They use their knowledge and experience to advise companies on how to make their business processes more efficient using SAP.

The role of an SAP consultant can vary depending on the size of the company they are working with. For example, they may be required to work closely with senior management or work directly with employees on process improvements. An SAP consultant may also be required to develop new systems or customize existing ones to suit their client's needs.

Role and responsibilities of a SAP consultant:

  • Assisting with setting up the system
  • Assisting with upgrading the existing system
  • Planning out new projects that require the use of SAP
  • Providing training to employees on how to use SAP

SAP Consulting Services
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