SAP ABAP Consulting

Why Custom Applications?

There are countless SAP applications on the market. Why opt for custom reports and applications? The truth is, not all applications are one-size-fits-all. Slight modifications to standard applications may suffice in some cases; however, some business needs can only be fulfilled with custom applications tailored to specific company needs. MDP Group’s SAP certified consultants provide personalized solutions and in-depth support for all your development needs. 

An investment in a personalized IT system will increase your speed of operations, enhance process efficiency and help your business grow.

SAP ABAP Consultancy

Each business is unique with varying needs and objectives when it comes to applications and services to support business processes. Our experienced ABAP consultancy team provides the following high-value services to ensure your business has the right tools that will help you excel:

  • Improvement and optimization of existing applications;
  • Further development of SAP Backend products and features (for SAP ERP, SAP CPI/PI/PO, SAP TM, SAP EWM, SAP Fiori);
  • Development, implementation, testing, integration and deployment of custom SAP applications;
  • Creating custom reports and interfaces for SAP ERP;
  • Technical support and maintenance of applications throughout their lifecycle;
  • Technical support for the S/4 HANA upgrade release;
  • Development and support for Steampunk (SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment).
  • Support for Adobe Interactive Forms, Web Dynpro for ABAP and BSP (Business Server Page).

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Leverage Our Know-How In SAP ABAP Development

  • Improvements on existing applications with ABAP/4
  • SAP script development and form design
  • Customer enhancements
  • ABAP/4 code optimizations
  • Development of new add-ons to modules
  • Development of data transfer programs with LSMW
  • Creating customized reports and dialogue interfaces for SAP ERP
  • Workflow design and development
  • Detailed roadmaps and end-to-end delivery

SAP ABAP is an international standard programming language used to develop business applications in the SAP environment. It is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and it has been used by companies to create business applications for more than three decades.

ABAP was first created in 1977 as a more efficient way to write code for IBM mainframes. It became an international standard in 1982, and was used by SAP from its earliest days to develop its core applications. The language has evolved over time, and it remains one of the most popular coding languages used by major companies today.

ABAP has been designed to support the development of application programs in a particular area of application, i.e., business applications. To achieve this goal, SAP ABAP provides the following features:

  • High-level programming language concepts;
  • Interface to other SAP products;
  • Data types specific to business applications;
  • Specialized data structures such as tables and reports;
  • Functions for creating and manipulating these data structures;
  • Functions for controlling program flow within modules; and
  • Functions for accessing external information systems through communication channels such as files, databases or network resources

It's used to create business applications and make them work together within the SAP system. ABAP is a powerful tool that allows you to create complex programs that can be used to automate business processes. It is also used for developing reports and other front-end applications for SAP users.

The popularity of SAP ABAP amongst businesses is due to its ability to handle large amounts of data in a very short time period. This makes it a very cost-effective solution for companies looking to manage their operations more efficiently.

SAP ABAP consultant is someone who is an expert in ABAP programming language. ABAP consultant supports the customization of SAP ERP systems by developing ABAP codes in line with the needs of businesses.

The role of SAP ABAP consultant is to write high-quality code that helps businesses automate their processes and meet their goals. The job involves creating new functionalities or improving existing ones in the software.

A good SAP ABAP consultant should have a strong knowledge of business process analysis and understanding of business requirements. They should also be able to work with different tools like browsers and debuggers for testing purposes.

ABAP consultants help increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve productivity in organizations by making changes to existing SAP systems.

ABAP consultants are required when a company wants to modify or add new functionality in their existing SAP systems without having to replace them entirely. This is done using ABAP coding and development skills that allow the consultant to create new business rules and functions using the existing data models, screens and reports.

ABAP consultant can also help organizations upgrade their SAP systems to newer versions or editions that contain additional features not present in older versions or editions.

SAP ABAP is the coding language of SAP ERP. It has been around for almost 40 years and it continues to be a powerful tool for automating business processes. The language was designed to be easy to learn and use by business professionals who did not have computer science degrees or extensive programming experience.

As an example, if you wanted to add an employee to an HR system you could write an ABAP program which would do just that. The same goes for adding customers or vendors too. This would save time for your company because you wouldn't have to manually enter each new employee into the system yourself, instead it would be automated by writing code in ABAP!

MDP Group is a full-service SAP consulting firm that helps clients improve efficiency and reduce costs. The company provides end-to-end ABAP consultancy services to more than 50 companies in more than 10 countries with its SAP ABAP consultant of 25 people.

MDP Group is a global leader in providing end-to-end business solutions to large enterprises and mid-sized companies. We offer services ranging from strategic planning, implementation and training to technology implementation, support and maintenance. Our consultants work closely with clients to ensure that they get the most out of their SAP investment.

SAP ABAP Consulting
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