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SAP Fiori is a new, next-generation user experience (UX) for SAP applications and software. It provides a modern user interface and a set of applications that respond to the most frequently utilized SAP functions: workflow approvals, information lookups, financial apps, self-service tasks and more.

SAP Fiori was developed with the intent of enhancing and simplifying user experience. The role-based decomposition of different transactions into interactive applications enable users to concentrate only on relevant data. Its highly customizable home page ensures a pleasant experience.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are added features of Fiori 3.0 for a more intelligent user experience. Users can work faster and with ease due to assistance in the form of natural language interaction and useful information.

Fiori’s responsive design allows use on desktop, smartphones, tablets, and any other mobile devices. Users have the option to work on processes via multiple devices, even on the go. Fiori is also collaborative, meaning it is compatible with other SAP products. Different versions of Fiori (Fiori 2.0 and Fiori 3.0) are also compatible with each other. For heightened application response and query executions time, users are advised to combine Fiori with SAP HANA.

Benefits of SAP Fiori

  • Increased productivity– accessibility from mobile devices;
  • Improved time value– simplicity and ease of use enable faster implementation;
  • Lower risk– seamless implementation, independent of deployment or platform;
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)– lower maintenance requirements compared to SAP GUI.

SAP Fiori Consultancy

MDP consultancy services for SAP Fiori fall under two categories: Fiori administration and Fiori application development.

Fiori administration

Implementation of standard applications

  • Creating Fiori and back-end roles
  • Assigning roles to users

Configuration of SAP Fiori System

  • Activation of services
  • Launchpad configurations
  • Setup of SAP FIORI Search
  • Definition of Certifications
  • Trusted RFC Connections
  • HTTP / HTTPS Configurations

Fiori Application Development

We develop unique and custom SAP Fiori applications tailored to your needs. Development options are:

Front-end Development

  • Fiori application development with SAP Fiori Elements
  • Fiori application development with SAPUI5

Back-end Development

  • Fiori application development with Odata/ABAP
  • Fiori application development with CDS (Core Data Services) /ABAP

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Advantages of SAP Fiori

Accessibility from mobile devices, automated tasks, increased user productivity

Reduced operational and maintenance costs, improved time value

Easy-to-use and role-based displays, modern user interface, simplified user experience, compatibility with SAP products

SAP Fiori Consultancy
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