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Continuous Improvement: Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Our solution enables digital management and measurement of suggestion, kaizen, 5S and near-miss processes in businesses. Businesses can collect employee feedback from the field via web, mobile and QR codes and achieve maximum efficiency in their processes.

Öneri Sistemi

Employee Suggestion Management Software

With the Employee Suggestion System module, employees can digitally share their suggestions that will provide innovation to the organization. After the suggestion is submitted, all processes can be followed by the suggestion stakeholders on the "Suggestion Detail" screen. In addition, businesses can reward employees who share suggestions by making various reward definitions on the platform for suggestion processes.

Kaizen Solution

Our Kaizen solution for managing improvement processes in a digital environment allows for systematic and measurable progress. Stakeholders can follow each stage of the process on the platform and those responsible can easily measure the cost and expected outputs of the improvement process.

Kaizen Çözümü
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Near-Miss Management Solution

The near-miss management solution helps to eliminate OHS hazards by quickly reporting potential risks in the business to the relevant authorities and provides support for employee safety.

5S Process and Audits

Our 5S Management Solution enables the management, digital recording and reporting of 5S processes.

  • Centralized and real-time information on 5S processes in all areas,

  • Information about your KPIs and action plans,

  • Performance reports.

5S Süreci

Kaizen is an ongoing effort to drive continuous improvement for the better in any field. This approach is used to improve products, services or business processes. It focuses on making small incremental changes over time, measuring results, and then making further improvements based on results. Its purpose is to create a cycle of continuous improvement that creates better processes, products, and services and increases customer satisfaction.

Continuous improvement is an approach that aims to continuously improve products, services and processes in order to increase quality and ensure customer satisfaction. It helps businesses identify areas of improvement, develop improvement strategies, and measure the results of their efforts. In this way, businesses become able to respond quickly to changing customer needs and market conditions. This ensures that the business remains competitive in the market, increasing customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability.

The key elements of continuous improvement are identifying opportunities for improvement, developing solutions, implementing solutions, and measuring and monitoring progress.

Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) is used to increase efficiency in all areas from business processes to production and from customer relations to personnel management. The steps that businesses should follow in order to create and implement a Kaizen culture are as follows;

  • Employees should be encouraged to contribute and have their ideas taken into account.
  • An area for improvement should be identified and a plan developed to implement the improvements.
  • A team should be established to follow the improvement process and focus on this process.
  • A key performance metric should be established.
  • The developed plan should be applied in the form of minor changes to the improvement area.
  • Results should be tested and monitored.
  • Achievements should be celebrated and employees should be encouraged to participate in the process.
  • Continuous improvement must continue continuously.

The Individual Suggestion System or Employee Suggestion system is a system that businesses use to solicit, receive, analyze and act upon suggestions from employees and other stakeholders. It provides communication between employees and senior management, and gives every employee the right to speak.

Suggestion systems help businesses to encourage employee involvement and creativity, and to identify new processes and products that can improve business performance.

  • The suggestion system increases employee motivation by showing that their ideas are valued. The employee's loyalty to the company increases and he/she works more efficiently in his/her work.
  • The Suggestion System enables employees to develop their creativity and produce original solutions.
  • A suggestion system that encourages employees to come up with new solutions and ideas helps increase customer satisfaction.

The key to a successful suggestion system is to create a culture of engagement and collaboration. It is important to encourage employees to share their ideas and provide feedback on the ideas of others.

Be sure to recognize and reward employees for their contributions and establish a process for evaluating and implementing best ideas. Finally, make sure the system is transparent and communication about the process is open and frequent.

The suggestion system is a powerful tool in the continuous improvement process. It provides a platform for employees to voice their opinions and make suggestions for improvement that may have been overlooked by management.

This provides a way for employees to come up with ideas and suggestions that can help streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase productivity. It also encourages employees to think creatively and embrace their ideas. The suggestion system, which actively involves employees in the improvement process, ensures the development of an environment of cooperation and innovation that results in a more efficient and effective workplace.

A Near-Miss is an event that could potentially lead to them, even without any injury, illness or damage. This type of incident is often seen as a warning sign that an accident could occur in the future if the situation is not addressed.

The Near Miss Module is a system designed for businesses to prevent accidents or detect potential risks that can be detected or prevented. Thanks to the module, it is possible to identify, monitor and manage near misses that may occur in businesses.

The 5S Method is a system designed to create and maintain a clean and orderly workplace. Its purpose is to eliminate waste, increase efficiency, and create a safe and orderly working environment.

The 5S Methodology consists of five Japanese words, each beginning with the letter "S": Seiri (sorting), Seiton (sorting), Seiso (polishing), Seiketsu (standardizing), and Shitsuke (continuing). Together, these five steps emphasize organization, cleanliness, discipline, and standardization. The 5S Methodology is a valuable tool for any workplace as it helps maintain a clean, organized and productive environment.

It is a system that offers three solutions on a single platform: Continuous Improvement Software, Suggestion System, Kaizen Solution and Near Miss Module. Access to the system is easy thanks to the web, mobile application and QR codes. In this way, employees can share their feedback on improvement areas, potential hazards, and work processes regardless of time and place, and can support the kaizen process at any time. In the next stage, the feedback provided by the employees is evaluated and analyzed by the authorized persons and the applicable ones are implemented.

In short, the Continuous Improvement Solution brings together all the necessary solutions for businesses to create a culture of continuous improvement, increase their efficiency and profitability, and ensure that the process is easily carried out from a single platform.

Continuous Improvement Software
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