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Digitize Your 5S Audits and Controls!

Meet an easy-to-use and effective inspection solution that will contribute to the continuous improvement of your business.

5S Audit Software allows you to schedule and perform weekly and monthly audits of your business, monitor your cleaning and maintenance processes. It helps you take the necessary steps to improve the organization, efficiency and safety of your workplace.

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What are the Capabilities of 5S Software?

  • Audit Planning and Monitoring: 5S Audit Software allows you to easily schedule and track your audits. You can create your weekly or monthly audit schedule, assign audits on the calendar and mark them as they are completed. You can access audit results and related documents at any time within the system.

  • Tracking Cleaning and Maintenance Areas: You can specify the points to be monitored for cleaning and maintenance from within the application and choose the intervals and methods to check these points. You can assign responsible persons for the controls of the points of interest on the calendar.

  • Reporting and Analysis: Our solution provides detailed reports based on audit results. These reports help you understand your workplace's 5S performance. You can identify gaps, identify areas for improvement and make strategic decisions for future audits.
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Digital 5S Software
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