SAP e-Ledger Solution

What is the e-Ledger?  

Electronic Ledger (e-Ledger) is a system in which journals and general ledgers, which are legally required to be stored, are kept in a digital environment. e-Ledger is an application that allows the ledgers to be kept in electronic format in accordance with the formats and standards announced by the Revenue Administration, to be recorded without being printed, to ensure its uniformity, integrity and accuracy of the source and to be used as proof in the eye of those concerned. 

E-Ledger in Turkey 

E-Ledgers kept by the standards of the Revenue Administration (GIB) are recorded electronically, thus ensuring the immutability and reliability of the records. There are applications such as electronic signatures for individuals and financial seals for legal entities. In the e-Ledger system, accounting records are prepared in a standard XML format. In Turkey, e-Ledger entered into force for the first time with the communiqué published in the Official Gazette on 3 December 2011. 

Is e-Ledger Mandatory in Turkey? 

The e-Ledger is obligatory for taxpayers within the scope of e-Invoice, taxpayers whose gross sales revenue exceeds 5 million TL for 2021 accounting periods, and companies subject to independent audit. There is a mandatory turnover limit for transitions to e-Invoice, e-Archive invoice and e-Ledger systems. Companies exceeding 5 million TL have to switch to these practices. Companies with a turnover of less than 5 million TL can join the e-Ledger system voluntarily. 

e-Ledger Solution for SAP 

MDP Group's e-Ledger solution is an e-transformation solution that meets the e-Ledger obligations valid in Turkey and can work 100% integrated with SAP.  The e-Ledger solution enables accounting records to be digitally organized and archived in accordance with the format and standards determined by the Revenue Administration, without using a physically general ledger and journal book. 

Advantages Of SAP e-Ledger Solution

  • Works 100% integrated with SAP.  
  • Meets all legal requirements.  
  • Low investment cost. 
  • You can edit and manage accounting records through a single portal.  
  • It is possible to filter the records by day, week, and month.  
  • Provides digital archiving for a legal period of 10 years.  
  • Editing records is quick and easy.  
  • Minimizes the operational workload.  
  • Notarization is not required.  
  • Documents are issued in a format that complies with international standards.  
  • The MDP team will support you in the preparation, submission, and application follow-up process of the application documents.  

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SAP e-Ledger Solution
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