e-Reconciliation Solution for SAP

Transfer Your Reconciliation Processes to Electronic Media with MDP

e-Reconciliation is an application that allows you to make your BA / BS, Current Statement and Residual reconciliations in electronic media via e-mails automatically generated by the system with your correspondent companies instead of telephone, fax, sending e-mails manually or over the mail. You can also follow the confirmation and rejection status online.

e-Reconciliation is not a legal obligation as other financial management products starting with “e-“. However, it is preferred by most companies because it facilitates the reconciliation process and shortens its period.

Advantages of

  • Having the same legal status as notarized sending via Registered E-mail
  • Monitor reconciliation statuses instantly
  • Shortening the amount of time spent on reconciliation


MDP's e-Reconciliation solution enables you to perform all your reconciliation processes online. It creates a Declaration Report in the format appropriate to the criteria by Turkish Revenue Administration. It allows you to define firm based and financial period based reconciliation definitions. The style and content of the reconciliation mails sent can be arranged according to the company or type of reconciliation. Its superior reporting capabilities make it easy to get your reconciliation reports in the breakdowns you want.

e-Reconciliation Solution for SAP
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