IT Asset Management Software – Loggle

Loggle is a brand of MDP Group. 

Loggle is a solution that enables companies to manage their IT assets on a single platform. With Loggle, IT investments are optimized, cost savings are achieved and business efficiency is increased. Loggle helps businesses in the digital transformation journey by making a great contribution to the improvement of enterprise architecture. 


License Management 

Easily manage all transactions related to your licenses on a single platform. License renewal processes, contract tracking, application evaluations. Gather data on the usage rate and impact on business processes of your apps through surveys. Remove duplicate and unused software from your inventory. Invest your savings in assets that will add value to your company. 

Integration Inventory Management 

How well do you know the running integrations in your operational processes? Visualize and track system connections, identify essential and critical connections, system difficulties and the responsible of each integration. Easily identify the integrations your department is using and check data transfers. Upload your integrations to Loggle and create your integration map.  

Software Asset Management

Assess your software by their contribution to business processes and their costs. Systematically evaluate your IT resources and increase your return on investment. Easily identify deficiencies and surpluses in your application portfolio. 

Hardware Asset Management 

Find out who is using your IT hardware and their activity status, track which software is used on which hardware and follow the maintenance and renewal processes of IT equipment from a single source. 


What Loggle Provides?

  • Cost Saving 
  • High ROI 
  • Data security 
  • Budget Analysis 
  • User Survey 
  • License Calendar 

All-in-One IT Asset Management Software

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