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A new era in Supplier Relationship Management: JetSRM

JetSRM Supplier Portal is a relationship management platform that information flow between businesses and suppliers. The data coming from the suppliers are transferred to the system of the businesses and the related processes are recorded in the SAP system. Transactions performed via fax, telephone and e-mail are eliminated, and processes are tracked through a single portal. The application keeps company and supplier information up-to-date, ensures the continuity of information flow, and easily optimizes supplier processes. The portal usage processes, which start with the businesses' transfer of potential and existing suppliers to the system, continue with the offer processes, sample, and order requests.

Seamless Interface for Your SRM Processes

JetSRM Supplier Portal adds a new dimension to your supplier relations with a unique interface design. With the user experience-oriented design, all processes between the supplier and the company can be easily followed on a single screen. 

Functions of JetSRM Supplier Portal

The price information received from the suppliers is uploaded to the portal with excel. The minimum, average and maximum prices are displayed based on the selected currency with smart reporting on the portal. A supplier is selected for the relevant material and a price request is created. The purchase order is created automatically in SAP after confirmation hierarchies and budget department confirmation. With the reports, the previously received price information and supplier selections can be accessed through the portal.

With order management, all lifecycle of an order can be managed through the portal. Revision requests are created regarding order quantity and delivery date. Businesses can scan all orders from the single platform but suppliers logging into the portal can view only own orders and revision request. Businesses and suppliers can add order notes and explanations using the tools in the portal. Invoice and shipment information of approved orders can also be saved in the system. The shipped products are included in the ‘’completed orders’’ lists. There is also a section where all orders are listed, regardless of what stage they are in. It is possible to access all the information about the orders in the detailssection of the orders.

It is the module where businesses manage their graphic processes with their suppliers in the packaging industry. When there is a change in the packaging of the products, it is shared with the supplier through the portal. The suppliers downloaded the new design, completes its work and sends it to the relevant business for approval. Completed work is analyzed, cromolyn/sample request can be made. In the final stage, it is sent to print. Processes carried out via mail can be quickly managed through the portal. The elapsed time between the transactions is displayed with reports and the reasons that slow down the processes are determined. In this way, more efficient processes are obtained.

With R&D management, samples can be requested from suppliers. There is integrated work with order management. If the R&D process of an order is in progress, purchasing process stops and continues after the R&D process is completed. Order situations can be easily viewed through the portal without any separate communication between different departments in businesses.

Businesses prepare questionnaires and information forms about the supply process and quality. In this way, the performance of suppliers can be evaluated. Suppliers can view and respond to survey responses via the portal. Certificates and analysis documents of suppliers can also be registered in the system. The procurement process can be tracked in a controlled manner with the create audit button and positive or negative evaluation information is transferred to the reports. Moreover, the parties can upload documents to the system and view the uploaded documents.

Businesses can create actions through the portal to convey their documents requests to their suppliers as quickly as possible. Complaints and non-compliance notifications are also managed under the action management module. A reminder can be added to the portal for actions that are not completed on time and completed actions are closed with one click. Businesses can view all the actions added to the system on a single screen. On the supplier screen, only the supplier’s actions are displayed.

Candidate suppliers fill out the application form on the portal. This form contains such about company information, required documents, company structure, quality documents and references. Applications are analyzed by purchasing specialists, references are scored by contacting references. The supplier is approved or rejected by filling out the supplier selection form. Suppliers whose approval is completed become Approved Supplier status, the relevant supplier card is created in SAP and login information is sent to the supplier.

Approved Supplier can make changes to the supplier card through the portal. These changes are propounded to purchasing specialists. Supplier card is up-to-date after control and approval processes.

Our B2B Portal References

Supplier management portal, which is an SRM solution, is the name given to the platform that enables a business to digitalize its supplier processes from end to end. 

JetSRM Supplier Portal offers businesses an integrated and digital supplier relationship management process. JetSRM eliminates phone, fax and mail processes and ensures that all communication processes are carried out through the portal. JetSRM, with its ERP integration support, ensures that all supplier processes are transferred to the ERP system and the data is stored in a central system. 

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), whose importance has increased rapidly in recent years, is the process that covers the management of all processes between businesses and their suppliers. Every company, every industry has a different supplier process. For this reason, every company needs a unique supplier relations strategy. Supplier Relationship Management aims to optimize the current business processes related to suppliers. 

JetSRM Supplier Portal
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