MDP SAP CPI Dropbox Adapter

Dropbox Adapter for SAP CPI

Dropbox is a personal cloud storage service that is frequently used for file sharing and back-up purposes. With the MDP Dropbox Adapter, you can easily access your files on Dropbox via the SAP CPI system. With the files in your Dropbox account, you can update, archive, delete operations and create new files via the SAP CPI system. You can also make file integrations easily and safely with your files on Dropbox with the SAP CPI system.

Usage Examples of SAP CPI Dropbox Adapter

  • Sending to and receiving files from a Dropbox account
  • Integration content developers can use their Dropbox accounts for testing, instead of an SFTP server
  • Collecting message body or related logs in a Dropbox folder

SAP CPI Dropbox Adapter Features

  • Scheduling polling for sender adapter
  • Filtering files based on file extensions (.pdf,.csv etc.) and other patterns
  • Archiving or deleting files
  • Restricted app folder access or full access based on token
  • Externalization of the adapter configuration parameters
  • Supports CamelFileName header like the standard SFTP adapter
  • Add timestamp or UUID to filename before writing a file

MDP SAP CPI Dropbox Adapter
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