MDP SAP CPI Google Drive Adapter

Google Drive Adapter for SAP CPI

Google Drive is a cloud storage service from Google for users store their digital contents across computers, and other devices. You can easily access your data on Google Drive Service using the MDP Google Drive Adapter. With the MDP Google Drive Adapter on the SAP CPI Platform, you can use your files in your integrations and take action on your files with OAuth 2.0 assurance.

Google Drive Adapter Features

  • Sending to and receiving files from Google Drive servers
  • Integration content developers can use Google Drive adapter for deleting or archiving files
  • Connectivity between SAP Cloud Platform Integration to Google Drive Service

Google Drive Adapter Use Cases

  • Scheduling polling for sender adapter
  • Filtering files based on file extensions (.pdf,.csv etc.) and other patterns
  • Archiving or deleting files
  • Authentication with OAuth 2.0
  • Supports CamelFileName header like the standard SFTP adapter
  • Add timestamp or UUID to filename before writing a file

MDP SAP CPI Google Drive Adapter
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