Expense Management Solution for SAP

Track your disbursement processes electronically

SAP Expense Management Solution aims that the employees typed in their disbursements for the company and the amount entered which completes the necessary confirmation processes is reimbursed to the employee in a controlled and healthy way through SAP. It helps to save a lot of time by reducing paperwork traffic and workload among departments.

Expense management consists of three main topics. These are expense management, advance demand avans talebi and vehicle demand. On the expense part; the employees type in the system their expenses they have made, their dates, for which work-project have they made theö, the VAT rate and their contents. This information is then sent via e-mail to the managers who will confirm the expenses in Adobe Interactive forms. The administrator may confirm or reject all expenses if he / she wishes. If you wish, you can select an item of expense one by one and confirm it on Adobe Interactive form. The confirmed transaction is sent back to the employee via the portal. The employee takes the output of the expenses, adds his / her receipts and brings them to the accounting department. The accounting department matches the payment form in the system by looking at the expense form number on the expense document and pays accordingly. Demands for the vehicle and advance are also carried out through similar processes.

Expense Management Solution for SAP
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