SAP Organisation Chart

Increase the Visuality and Functionality of Your Organization Chart

The organization chart is to shape the personnell strength of the companies in line with an upside-down relationship, and to make the visual distribution of it on departmental basis or cumulatively.

With the SAP Organization Chart Solution, the chart is created after selecting the breakdown based on the companies and sub-departments on the system. The chart can be slided from the top to the bottom.

On the personnel cards, documents created on SAP containing personnel information and background information can be displayed. Staff not included in the chart, such as secretaries and advisors, may be displayed as pop-ups. The person that constitutes the relevant card and the informatin about his/her department and position can be found in the box. The total number of people who are directly connected to the person and those who are connected to the people he/she is connected are shown at the bottom of the box.

The Personnel Introduction Form
contains the following information:

  • Personal Information
  • Educational Background
  • Previous Work Experience
  • In-Group Work Experience
  • Trainings
  • Foreign Languages

Open and suspended positions can be shown in different colors in the organization chart.

The personnel in the scheme can be shown at different levels according to seniority classification arising from upper and subordinate positions.

With the search button, a person can be reached directly in the diagram. The upper positions to which the relevant position is attached are shown in chains.

The person reporting to different departments or persons other than the one she/he is affiliated can be shown differently in the diagram.

The application running on the SAP system processes all relevant SAP data and personnel information instantly and does not require a different server / integration. Thanks to the infrastructure developed, it is an application that can be easily accessed responsively on the web. Critical information such as personnel data is processed within SAP and thus, it does not create a security vulnerability. An easy-to-use interface and the use of corporate visual elements (theme, logo, image, etc.) provide a unique outlook. Developed as an open source code, the application enables firm-based imrpovements and the necessary updates to be adapted more quickly and independently of a person or an organization.

SAP Organisation Chart
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