AMQP Adapter for SAP

Facilitate real-time, secure exchange of data across your IT landscape.

The Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) is an open standard application protocol for transmitting business messages between applications, systems, and organizations. AMQP is designed for enabling a secure and reliable multi-vendor communications ecosystem.   

Simplify the exchange of AMQP messages with SAP PI/PO and SAP CPI using our SAP integrated AMQP Adapter. Create, configure, and run the integration through the SAP Adapter Framework and manage your integrations with ease. Streamline your operations by implementing a simple and secure method for connecting your applications with cloud and on-premise services.

AMQP Adapter for SAP PO & CPI

  • Integration with SAP cloud and on-premise solutions
  • Exchange AMQP messages with SAP PO/PI
  • Exchange AMQP messages with SAP CPI

AMQP Connector Features

  • Supports all AMQP exchange types/bindings/routings
  • Conversion between XML and JSON formats 
  • Consume and publish messages with AMQP 0-8-0, 0-9-0, 0-9-1 and 1.0 standard
  • Supports all SSL (transport and client certificates) and AMQP authentication features
  • SSO/SAML extensions
  • Supports Pub/Sub; Request/Reply compatible with SAP PI Qos (EO/EOIO/BE)
  • Error handling
  • Support for SAP PI 7.1/7.11/7.3, SAP PO 7.31/7.4/7.5 and higher
  • Supports XML, JSON, all payloads

AMQP Adapter for SAP
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