SAP Supplier Portal

Strengthen Communication with Your Suppliers

The supply chain, which was previously seen as a support function, is now regarded as one of the main functions in order to survive and grow in a highly competitive environment. It is of utmost importance that the relevant processes and transactions are recorded in SAP, the continuity of the data and the natural optimization of the procurement processes are carried out in a healthier manner by strengthening the relations of the companies with the suppliers from which they purchase goods and services.

The procedures starting with the application to become a supplier proceed with the authorization of the applicant supplier to access the portal as a new business partner that the company decides to work with since it passes the necessary stages and controls successfully. Suppliers can monitor the procurement, tenders and auctions to be made by the company through this panel and manage the related processes. As they have the opportunity to communicate with the company through the panel if necessary, suppliers can reach the adressee in the company when needed. In addition to saving time and effort by shortening the process with suppliers, it also enables the monitoring of related processes more healthily and safely through a single panel and by keeping the relevant records in SAP.

SAP Supplier Portal
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