What is SAP Leonardo?

Everything You Need to Know About SAP’s Leonardo Platform

SAP Leonardo is an innovation platform offered by SAP that can work with blockchain, IoT, analytics, big data and many technologies. It helps organizations innovate in their business processes by using the latest technology to create new products and services for customers.

SAP Leonardo Technologies

SAP Leonardo has four main pillars:

  1. SAP L4 to AI: The first pillar focuses on human-centered machine learning (AI) for business processes in areas like customer service and sales. It also includes predictive maintenance and predictive governance.
  2. SAP L5 to Blockchain: This pillar uses blockchain to help companies automate contracts between multiple parties while maintaining trust in their data.
  3. SAP L6 to IoT: This pillar uses Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities like sensors and devices to collect data from machines or people who are wearing devices. This data can then be analyzed by AI systems so companies can make better decisions about things such as supply chain management or employee performance management programs.
  4. SAP L7 to Digital Supply Chain Management: This pillar uses blockchain technology and digital twins (digital representations of real-world objects) to track products through a supply.

SAP Leonardo is a term that encompasses several different products:

SAP Leonardo Digital Innovation: A platform that allows companies to develop digital applications based on SAP Cloud Platform, which includes analytics tools like Hana Enterprise Cloud, Business Warehouse (BW) and Predictive Analytics (PAS).

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning: A machine learning service that uses artificial intelligence to analyze data and make intelligent decisions based on it. It uses tools like HANA Enterprise Cloud and PAS to evaluate historical data and recommend courses of action based on past performance.

SAP Leonardo Blockchain: An infrastructure-as-a-service platform that allows businesses to build blockchain networks within their existing systems. It’s based on Hyperledger Fabric technology and runs on HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Benefits of SAP Leonardo

The main aim of SAP Leonardo is to help businesses in the process of digital transformation. It also aims at increasing productivity and efficiency through the automation of processes through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The platform helps businesses to get more value from their data and use it to improve their business processes. It also helps companies to collaborate better with their partners by sharing information more easily.

SAP Leonardo enables customers to build a “smart factory” where they can connect their physical assets with their digital systems. They can then use this data to make decisions on how these assets should be managed.

This means that if there’s an issue with a machine or production line, then the relevant person will be notified immediately so that they can fix it before it causes any damage or loss of revenue for the company.

SAP believes that its solution will help companies become more competitive by providing them with valuable insights about their business processes through predictive analytics. This will enable them to make better decisions about how they manage their resources efficiently to increase productivity while reducing costs simultaneously.


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