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SAP Application Interface Framework (SAP AIF) is an SAP NetWeaver add-on that allows users to create, deploy, monitor, and manage their application interfaces in one place. This add-on can be used for both cloud and on-premise systems. It speeds up integration processes and enhances visibility.

SAP AIF and Monitoring

SAP AIF’s monitoring and error handling functions help users detect and prevent potential errors. Users can analyze and fix business related errors without IT support by restarting or cancelling messages. This is because the SAP AIF add-on separates the technical and business aspects of interfaces. Business users are less likely to have their processes interrupted by technical intervention.

SAP AIF provides monitoring for the following:

  • Proxy XI Runtime
  • AIF Runtime XML
  • ALE / IDoc
  • Web Service
  • Enterprise Service
  • BDoc

Integration Process with SAP AIF

  • Interface definition for performing integration processes.
  • Fix values for converting field contents.
  • Structure mapping for converting files into business recipients’ templates.
  • Data check feature for performing tests to ensure the integration is successful.
  • Action function can be used for beginning post-processing. Actions trigger Function Module cues. 

MDP Group SAP AIF Consultancy for Your Development Needs

Our expert SAP AIF consultants are happy to support you throughout your integration process. Leverage your SAP AIF integration at its full capacity and boost efficiency across all your business operations.   

SAP AIF Key Features

  • Data archiving.

  • SAP AIF Performance analysis.

  • Message or error count review for interface data.

  • Summarizing objects used by the interface.

  • Displaying changes in data messages by date.

  • Determining and correcting inconsistencies that occur between the proxy framework and SAP AIF.

  • Adding inconsistencies to the data editing report.

  • Instant access to contents in the statistics tables.

  • Listing corrected data errors on a daily basis.

SAP AIF Advantages

  • Provides cost savings due to reduced integration time.

  • Improves visibility by provides message overview of the integration.

  • Messages can be filtered by date range.

  • It can be implemented as an add-on for SAP NetWeaver.

  • Monitoring and error handling enables quick action against errors.

  • Access authorization to integration data and levels can be customized.

  • Integration between systems can be monitored from a central channel.

  • Supports the implementation of data security and privacy measures.

  • Allows reuse of components developed for integrations with similar scenarios.

SAP AIF Consulting
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