In today’s digital world, it is of paramount importance that businesses wanting to excel in their fields should fully utilize the changes and opportunities of up-to-date technological advances. MDP Group provides consultancy and development services to clients who want to begin or further their digital transformation journeys and increase their competitiveness in a strategic way.

MDP Group has successfully completed more than 1000 projects for over 300 clients spanning five continents and 15+ countries. Projects include SAP, e-Transformation, and web/mobile applications. MDP SAP Consulting services provided are as follows:





SAP Fiori

SAP e-Transformation and web/mobile applications. 

MDP Group maintains its commitment to digital innovation, with numerous ongoing R&D projects on data analytics and machine learning software development programs.

Global SAP Consulting
  • In a constantly evolving digital world, we acknowledge how important it is to keep up with the most recent advances and trends in the tech industry. We fuel our creativity with research and strive to go beyond the expected, challenging the known and finding innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs and increase their competitiveness.
  • We are dedicated to always raising our level of know-how both on a company scale and within each of our employees. We are proud to be working with imaginative team members, constantly questioning how to better current practices with innovative, high quality solutions.
  • We consult with our clients every step of the way, analyzing the whys and the hows of each process, taking great care to ensure full transparency from beginning to end. We maintain strong relationships with our clients and are available 24/7 for technical support and guidance.  

  • We believe that the value we put on teamwork reflects on each of our projects. What we accomplish here at MDP Group couldn’t have been possible without our devoted team, their commitment to constant self-improvement and their motivation to be the best at what they do.





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