Salary Management Solution for SAP

The Right Salary for the Right Position

Operational workload increases during salary increase periods. It should be fast and easy to share the determined new salaries with the relevant persons, to ask their opinions and to get the senior management’s confirmation by making the necessary arrangements.

After getting the confirmation of the senior management by determining the additional amount over the salary increase rate to be given to the personnel, carrying out all the activities on a single platform will make human resources employees’ work easier.

This information is obtained from companies holding the information about average salary of all positions thanks to the salary management and salary increase simulation. Information is kept for all positions in almost every each breakdown such as position, location, size of the company. Once the information is received, it is uploaded to the system and you will match it with your own employees. In this way, you can see the average salary of your employees in the market and make comparisons. If the employee's salaries is below the market, you can make an increase to come up to the market average, or vice versa if the salary is above the market.

Average salary information is relayed to department managers. Managers can see and compare the average amount and their employees’ salaries and type in their own salary offers. For example; it starts with the director and goes on with the coordinator, assistant general manager and general manager. Managers see and compare the average salaries and their employees’ salaries and type in their own salary offer. Here the total salary size of department is taken into account by the system, as well. There may be a limit to the total salary size on a departmental basis. If the total salary is less than the total amount, the process continues. When the salary offer is written, confirmation is obtained from the management department. After all confirmations are completed, salary offers are directed to the human resources department. If the human resources department confirms the offers, this information is sent back to the managers by e-mail.

Thanks to the Salary Management Solution and Salary Increase Simulation Solution, managers have the opportunity to compare their employees' salaries with the market average, and the entire salary increase process is carried out on a single platform. Salary Management and Salary Increase Simulation Solution, a portal application, is 100% integrated with SAP. It provides serious convenience for the company to be able to design the portal specifically for corporates, to comply with corporate identity rules and to adapt the users to the system.

Salary Management Solution for SAP
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