SAP Inventory Tracking

The MDP SAP Inventory Tracking solution simplifies tracking your organization's assets, helps determine any gaps in your inventory, and shows you live updates of your shipments. Eliminate the need for manual data entry or spreadsheets and benefit from a faster, more accurate way of governing your inventory. Our solution works in complete integration with SAP.

Purchase orders based on incorrect data leads to redundant spending and loss of productivity. Save time and resources by minimizing your margin for human error. Carry out your inventory processes through SAP and make decisions based on real-time data. Manage your assets, their location, user information, purchasing dates, manufacturer information, pricing details and other useful data through a single, user-friendly platform.


Responsive Design

The SAP Inventory Tracking solution can be accessed on smart phones, tablets and all mobile devices. Users can opt to receive notifications about purchase orders, transfer requests, shipment status updates, and more.


Purchase Approval Process

Eliminate lengthy approval processes involving hard-copy request forms and signatures. Once a purchase request is formed through our SAP solution, the system automatically sends an email to the relevant party (e.g. the purchasing manager). They can review the order request via email and access the solution to Approve or Reject.


Barcode Scanning and Tracking

Scan your assets' barcordes on the SAP Inventory Tracking application on your smart devices wherever you are. The application will identify the product and log its location, time, and user info. Keep track of logistics and record real-time actions without typing a single word.



SAP Inventory Tracking
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