Integration Inventory Management Software

Entegrasyon Envanteri Yönetimi

Start Effectively Managing Your Integrations

Loggle offers an Integration Inventory Management solution that enables effective monitoring and management of all integrations in businesses. Businesses can easily track integrations they have, the importance level of these integrations and their connections with other integrations with Loggle.

Create Your Integration Map

Businesses can manage the integrations in their systems more comprehensively by visualizing them with Loggle's integration maps. The integration map provided by Loggle provides an understanding of which integrations an integration is related to.

  • Importance and criticality level of integrations
  • Function of integration
  • Responsible for integration
  • Integration running status
Integration Map
Integration Inventory

Control the Running Status of Your Integrations in the SAP System

Businesses using SAP PI, SAP PO or SAP Integration Suite for their integration processes can instantly monitor the working status of their integrations via Loggle. In case of an error that may occur in your integrations, Logggle sends an instant alarm to the people in charge of integration. In this way, you can be sure that your systems are running smoothly.

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Integration Inventory Management Software
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