IT Cost Management Software

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IT Cost Management Tool

Loggle offers an IT cost management tool where businesses can monitor and evaluate the costs of all IT assets in their IT inventories.

  •  Cost Estimating
  •  Budgeting
  •  Planning
  •  Cost Control
  •  Asset Benchmarking
  •  Cost History

Easily Evaluate Your IT Costs

With Loggle, you can easily access all cost data of the assets in your IT inventory. By evaluating your IT assets according to their business value and costs, you can get rid of low-productivity IT assets and save on your IT budget. You can use your savings in your new IT investments that will benefit your business.

IT Cost Management
APM Software

Comprehensive Reports for Your IT Costs

How do you track your software, hardware, integration and system expenses? Spreadsheets may be insufficient for IT Financial Management. Loggle offers you screens where you can easily view and evaluate your IT costs.

  • Cost breakdown by application and vendor
  • Cost graphics
  • Additional costs of assets (consulting, additional development)
  • Department budget and spending

IT Asset Management Software

Application Portfolio Management Software

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IT Cost Management Software
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