Pre-packaged Mappings ANSI X12

What is ANSI X12?

ANSI X12, abbreviated from the American National Standards Institute, is an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) standard developed by the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC). The standard has been in development since 1972. The purpose of ANSI X12 is standardizing the process of transmitting electronic documents between trading partners across different industries.

ANSI X12 and SAP Integration

During ANSI X12 and SAP integration, business documents transmitted between trading partners in are sent through SAP with the ANSI X12 message standard. The SAP PO module converts the messages to ANSI X12 standards and sends it to the recipient’s ERP system.


The B2B Add-On, included in the SAP PO module, delivers all EDI-based integration needs of an enterprise with a single component. It minimizes transaction costs by performing all operations on SAP without requiring additional EDI tools. The B2B Add-On supports all common messaging types and versions for EDI standards; it can also handle custom B2B formats. The plug-in supports a wide variety of technical connectors.The message’s digital signature feature and PGP encryption ensure a secure data transfer. Messages can be processed individually or as a batch, depending on user preferences. B2B messages at various levels are archived in the SAP system after sending; past messages can be viewed as needed.
The B2B add-on has several adapter modules that can convert messages between XML and EDI formats. The converter modules convert local EDI and plain-text formats into XML messages. They can be used together with any transport protocol adapter for inbound and outbound communication.The B2B Add-On provides reliable and secure operations and enhances productivity for many operational business processes. The B2B Toolkit is fully compatible with most B2B integration solutions used by suppliers.

Trading Partner Management

The B2B Add-On’s Trading Partner Management feature allows users to collect, manage, scan and store all trading partners in a single platform. Users can access real-time view of their business partners' information and create profiles for the companies they trade with. People, partnership agreements and document references can be added to these company profiles. This allows reliable and much simpler storage, approval, display, and activation of information pertaining to partners via SAP system.

EDI Content Manager

The EDI Content Manager is a tool for setting, testing, and customizing EDI conversion rules. It enables the import and export of content data. The test features allows companies that perform data exchange through SAP B2B Add-On to create and verify sample EDI messages. They can also test the conversion rules of the messages. The EDI Content Manager has a user-friendly interface that differentiates messages by color according to similarity or difference. This makes for easier comparison of the different messaging types.

Component Monitoring

The Component Monitoring feature in the B2B integration cockpit provides end-to-end monitoring of the connection and data transfer between partners. It facilitates the tracking of sent and received technical (MDN, ERP, Delivery Reports) and functional "receipt" notifications (code for EDIFACT: CONTRL). Component Monitoring feature enables viewing all messages, confirmation reports and B2B parameters defined in the Trading Partner Management through SAP.

Graphical Mapping

Interfaces can sometimes differ in quality and structure. An important process for developing B2B communication is mapping senders with receivers when they have differing interfaces. The graphical mapping feature enables simple and fast two-way data conversions between EDI and IDOC.

MDP Prepackaged ANSI X12 Mappings

Some of our integrations for SAP PI / PO B2B projects are listed below.

Pre-packaged Mappings ANSI X12
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