e-Delivery Note Solution for SAP

Transfer your delivery notes to the electronic media with MDP

e-Delivery Note is an electronic version of the paper delivery notes used to transport commercial goods from one location to another. All information present in the paper note must be in the e-Delivery Note as well. In addition to this, additional information such as driver information, trailer chassis number, license plate can be added to e-Dispatch note.

e-Delivery Note is a closed circuit system. Only corporates involved in e-Delivery Note can send and receive it. The e-Delivery Note may be rejected by the recipient totally or by item.

In the inspections on the roads, drivers should be able to present the electronic version of the e-Delivery Note or the paper version with the 2d barcode to the legal authorities.

Although e-Delivery Note is not a legal obligation, most corporates prefer it in terms of saving time and traceability.

Advantages of SAP e-Delivery Note Solution


Fast shipping


High traceability

Electronic archiving

Compliance with the law

e-Delivery Note

The e-Delivery Note solution developed by MDP, which is 100% integrated with SAP, meets all legal requirements. The solution stands out with its low investment cost and numerous testimonials.

e-Delivery Note Solution for SAP
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