SAP Deposit Accounts and Foreign Currency Transaction Solutions

Avoid paying high interest for currency transactions!

SAP Deposit Account and Foreign Currency Transactions is a portal solution developed by MDP and works %100 integratedly with SAP TRM module.

Thanks to the solution developed for the use of the Treasury departments of the holdings or group companies, corporations can operate a more transparent and healthy process for foreign exchange transactions. SAP Deposit Accounts and Foreign Currency Transactions Solution instantly lists the amount of foreign currency held by the group companies through automatic bank integration. Group companies enter their foreign exchange needs into the system through the portal that is open to all group companies. All these data are consolidated, the total foreign currency position of the group is determined and action is taken.

Thanks to the SAP Deposit Accounts and Currency Transactions Solution, foreign exchange transactions can be made on behalf of all group companies, so that better interest rates can be obtained from banks.

SAP Deposit Accounts and Foreign Currency Transaction Solutions
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