Application Portfolio Management Software

Application Portfolio Management Software

Application Portfolio Management Tool

Loggle offers Application Portfolio Management software where businesses can monitor and manage their on-premise, cloud, SaaS and all other applications throughout their lifecycle. Become more in control of your application assets and reshape your IT investments with Loggle.

  • On-premise applications
  • Cloud applications
  • SaaS
  • iPaaS
  • Paas

All APM Processes in One Platform

Loggle offers businesses the necessary functions for a holistic Application Portfolio Management application. With Loggle, you can detail your application inventory and monitor more information about your application assets from a single platform.

  • Application Usage
  • Application Costs
  • Department and function-based filtering of applications
  • Application owner
  • License and contract management
Application Inventory Management
APM Software

Comprehensive Reports for Your Application Inventory

Loggle provides comprehensive reports on your application inventory, allowing businesses to learn more about IT components. With reports from Loggle's APM software, businesses can optimize their application inventory, save on implementation costs, and gain insights for new IT investment decisions.

  • Cost breakdown by application and vendor
  •  Cost graphics
  •  Deployment locations
  •  Number of users
  •  Department budget and spending
  •  Application statuses
  •  Calendar and reminder alerts

Application Portfolio Management (APM) is a methodology that covers the management of in-house on-premise, cloud, SaaS and all other applications throughout their lifecycle. The main purpose of APM is to provide cost savings to businesses by eliminating unused and inefficient applications in their application inventories. 

Application portfolio analysis (APA) is the process of evaluating application inventory for its contribution to the performance of the business. It helps IT identify and prioritize applications that can support the business strategy while reducing costs, increasing efficiency and improving user experience.

The goal of APA is to drive a culture change in how IT manages applications so that they support the business rather than compete with it. APA provides a holistic view of application usage and effectiveness across an organization, enabling IT to better align applications with business needs and optimize their value.

The process starts with a baseline analysis of application use and cost. This analysis provides insight into where applications are being used and what they are costing. It also informs decisions about which applications should be kept or moved to cloud alternatives in order to optimize costs.

The second step is to evaluate each application for its contribution to revenue and profitability. This helps determine which applications are worth keeping because they make money for your organization. It can also help identify those applications that aren't adding value but still require significant ongoing maintenance costs. Finally, it identifies opportunities where automation could improve efficiency, leading to increased revenue or cost savings.

After you've completed these two steps, you'll have a clear picture of your application portfolio and its impact on the business — positive or negative — so you can make informed decisions about future investments in software licensing and infrastructure management services like cloud migration.

Application portfolio analysis is a subset of application portfolio management (APM). APM deals with all aspects of application usage — including procurement, licensing, development and maintenance — while APA focuses specifically on determining which applications are actively used by employees.

Loggle's APM solution provides an inventory of all the applications your business owns and manages them throughout their lifecycle. With Loggle's Application Portfolio Management Solution:

  • What software do you have in your application inventory?
  • What are the running costs of the software?
  • What is the business value and IT quality of the software?
  • Where are the license agreements for the application?

You can reach all the answers to the above questions.

One of the most widely used methods for APM in the past was spreadsheets. But the wind of digital transformation has over time rendered spreadsheets useless. IT structures of enterprises have grown and become more complex day by day. 

Application Portfolio Management software is a solution developed for real-time changes, complex IT structures and multi-office companies. APM software enables businesses to manage all APM processes on a single platform and offers a single management center. 

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Application Portfolio Management Software
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