MongoDB Adapter for SAP

MongoDB Adapter for SAP CPI

MongoDB is a cross-platform and document-oriented database, a kind of NoSQL database. You can access your records from the MongoDB database with the MDP MongoDB Adapter and use it for integrations on the SAP CPI Platform. Using the MDP MongoDB Adapter, you can easily process documents on MongoDB and follow the error messages on MongoDB via the SAP CPI Platform.

Use Cases of MongoDB Adapter

  • Sending and receiving records from MongoDB Database
  • Allows you to keep Error logs during queries on MongoDB
  • Connectivity between SAP Cloud Platform Integration to MongoDB

MongoDB Adapter Features

  • Dynamic Action and Document selection using CamelHeader during integration on SAP CPI
  • Basic Authentication Process via MongoDB
  • For using limit and condition parameters in the queries on MongoDB
  • Update, Create, Read, Update, Delete operations via MongoDB
  • JSON-based communication between SAP CPI and MongoDB

MongoDB Adapter for SAP
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