SAP Leave Management Solution

Manage requests for leave of absence with our SAP Leave Management solution, which automatically delivers approval requests to relevant parties and calculates remaining leave quotas. Your Human Relations department will benefit from a reduced workload, while your employees can track their request status and leave quotas via the solution’s web portal.

The solution works fully integrated with the SAP HR Module; approved leave requests are logged into SAP and can appear in the Time Management Module in real time, simplifying the use of functions like monthly work schedule, graphical attendance, leave reporting and activity allocation. 


How It Works

Employees log into the web portal and request a leave of absence. The relevant manager receives a notification regarding the request via email and is directed to the web portal; the request must be approved or rejected.

If the request is approved, it is forwarded to the Human Relations department. When the relevant HR personnel approves the request, the employee receives an email notification stating that their leave of absence has been approved.

The solution updates the employee’s leave quota, which can be accessed through the web portal. If the leave request is rejected by either party, the employee receives an email notifying them of the reason.

SAP Leave Management Solution


  • Fully integrated with the SAP HR Module
  • Real time updates on the status of leave requests via the web portal
  • Automated approval processes according to HR hierarchy
  • Customizable quota assignment depending on company policy
  • Automated leave of absence quota calculations
  • Leave of Absence documentation

SAP Leave Management Solution
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